Morimoto Opening Skewers in September

Skewers, opening with a renewed Wolfgang Puck Express

Good news if you want to eat chef Masaharu Morimoto's cooking in L.A. without crossing the picket line. He's soft-opening a new robata concept called Skewers sometime right after the start of September. The bad news? It's in LAX. The worse news? It's past the security gate, so you may even require ID and a plane ticket for the chef's food-on-sticks. Skewers is grand-opening on September 13 with the mayor and nearly half of the city council coming to a ribbon-cutting ceremony. We know August is slow, but surely they have better things to do, right? Then again, the Morimoto concept is opening next to that rejiggered Wolfgang Puck Express and we know who really runs this town.