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Mexikosher's New Habanero Paleta Even Made Its Chef Cry

Tanube catches a hot lick

MexiKosher chef Katsuji Tanabe has a new mango-habanero paleta up his sleeves, served only through the month of September at $2.50 a pop. The thing is so hot that even the Mexican chef has trouble handling it, as you can see above. Tanabe, who prefaces, "I'm Mexican and I grew up with spicy food, the spicier the better," also tells Grub Street, "The first time I tasted it, I cried like a little girl and frightened the two kids that were in the restaurant. After tasting it, MY WIFE informed me that I would not be selling these to kids…18 and over only!"

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Ricardo Zarate Planning Paiche, A Westside Cevicheria

The Daily Meal reports that Picca chef-owner Ricardo Zarate plans to open a new Marina del Rey restaurant sometime in the early part of 2013. This one will be a straight-up cevicheria concept, authentically adhering to what one finds on the streets of Lima. Tentatively named "Paiche," after the massive Amazonian river fish Zarate is now serving at Mo-Chica's second incarnation, this is similarly giant news, not only for L.A. and the chef's legion of fans, but for Marina del Rey, which is yet to really have a chef-driven restaurant quite of this caliber.

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Monrovia Would Rather Have Korean Tacos Than a Lawsuit

This is a little like Footloose, but with food trucks. Monrovia's adorable Old Town looks like it hasn't stirred much since the fifties and the city was hoping to keep it that way. A food truck ban that's been in place for two years is set to be overturned following threats of a lawsuit by those litigious narcs in the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association, who claim the ban was illegal.

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Peking Tavern Promises Downtown Some SGV-Caliber Chinese

J. Gold's "wet dream?"

Who isn't already excited about the potential of Peking Tavern, the new Chinese gastropub coming soon to Downtown? Building on the scoop broken by Brigham Yen, Squid Ink learns that the chances of this restaurant nailing authentic and delicious Northern Chinese eats is already looking pretty good, finding that one chef is a noodle and dumpling specialist from Hong Kong and the other bringing in culinary expertise from Tianjin.

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Chef Jeremy Fox Has a Salad Habit, Prefers Diners to Trendy Restaurants

Jeremy Fox at BarnyardPhoto: Barnyard

Jeremy Fox, the first chef to receive a Michelin star for contemporary vegetarian cuisine at Napa's Ubuntu, recently decamped from The Bay Area, purchasing a '69 VW Bug to move to Los Feliz. He's been rigorously testing recipes for the fall opening of his own Venice restaurant, Barnyard, laying out gardens in Culver City and Malibu to supply the kitchen, and plugging away on a cookbook called Seed to Stalk. With all his talk of strawberry spinach, recipe testing, and training like cooking is a professional sport, one might think he takes the game too seriously. Quite the contrary. “When it comes to working, I'm definitely a snob about ingredients," Fox tells Grub Street, "but when I'm eating, I'm not so picky. I'm just happy to not have to do the cooking." In this week's L.A. diet, the chef discusses his cravings for date shakes and Double-Doubles, and explains why whipped cream may be deserving of its own food group.

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Joël Robuchon Questioned by French Police Over Embezzlement Case

His associates are in hot water.

One day after a former French prime minister was questioned over an alleged 1.6 million euro embezzlement from the Relais & Châteaux hotel chain, AFP reports that Paris police have also questioned legendary chef Joël Robuchon in regards to the case. Ex-prime minister Dominique de Villepin is said to be a friend of Régis Bulot, who was arrested last November and accused of embezzling the approximately 1.6 million euros from the luxury chain between 2002 and 2008. Other than his position at the very top of a multinational fine-dining empire, it's unclear what Robuchon, who closed his only New York restaurant earlier this year, has in common with the other men. The report does not specify what, if anything, the police ate during the questioning. [Google/AFP, Earlier]

Santos Uy Takes on Sausages, Sundays at Mignon


Just when you thought you couldn't possibly cram another sausage down your throat, news hits that Santos Uy, the owner behind Papilles and founder of Bacaro, is springing a new Sunday sausage concept on the patio of his Downtown wine bar, Mignon. Teamed with Infinity Exports manager Kevin Stuart, the place is named Knackig, Hun shorthand for the snap of a sausage. Uy disses the scheisse out of Wurstkuche in a press release, saying, "While there are good places out there, we felt the need to bring a really authentic option to Downtown." Oh, knackig! No, he didn't...

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Sin City's Bachi Burger Opening on Sawtelle This Fall

Koshi burger: With Veal sweetbreads, mushrooms, Duroc bacon, smoked gouda, and Fresno chili vinegar

Following last year's importing of Fukuburger to Hollywood, Las Vegas is sending us another one of its Asian-influenced burger joints. Lorin Watada, the chef and owner of Bachi Burger, is planning a fall opening of the restaurant on West L.A.'s ever-booming Sawtelle Blvd. in an undisclosed space currently under construction. Short for "hibachi," and also a phrase recapping the golden rule, the former Roy's chef is all about big burgers with rich tastes of Hawaiian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Japanese ingredients and profiles, as well as bao sandwiches, pickles, loco moco, fried chicken, sausage, and steamed buns, along with servings of craft beer, sake, milkshakes, boba drinks, house-made soda, teas, milk-teas, and coffee.

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Little Bear Hosts Five-Course "Ancient Ales" Dinner With Dogfish Head

Aztec cocoa-laced Theobroma

The top will be popped off on another L.A. Beer Week starting next Thursday, the beginning of ten days of events highlighting the best of liquid bread at some of the city's most devoted restaurants. The antics begin with Stone Brewing, who will offer a sneak preview of the company store it's bringing to Pasadena and end, as usual, with a huge brew event at Union Station, with so many chances to explore craft beer in between, we feel tipsy just scouting it out. Of the many worthy opportunities to do some 12-oz. curling, Andre Guerrero and Ryan Sweeney are teaming up with Dogfish Head at their Little Bear in Downtown for a five-course beer dinner that puts all of the cutting-edge Delaware Brewery's "Ancient Ales" on the table.

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Fox Actually Passed on a Gordon Ramsay Show

Stop making so many shows!

It might be hard to believe that headline, given that Ramsay currently stars in four — count 'em — shows on Fox: Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Hotel Hell, and MasterChef. But, according to the Post — which shares an owner with the network — Fox head Kevin Reilly passed on an American version of Ramsay's British show Gordon Behind Bars, a show "in which burglars, drug dealers and other nonviolent offenders run a small food business inside a jail." But the show may yet grace our shores: Ramsay's free to shop the project around to other networks. [NYP]

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