A Look at The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Wrong at Feast of San Gennaro's Prima Notte

San Gennaro, Hollywood

Starting tonight, Hollywood will reprise its own Feast of San Gennaro, Jimmy Kimmel's attempt to bring New York's famous Italian street festival to Tinsel Town. Things got underway last night at the Prima Notte kick-off and certain details were spot-on. The intersection of Hollywood and Highland had its fair share of Sopranos rejects stuffing their faces with zeppoles, raw clams, and cannoli. Other things felt a little less right, heavy on local red sauce Italians slinging pizza, pasta, and—huh?—mac and cheese, along with vendors pushing shallow plastic cups of booze for eight to ten bucks. Then, as expected at any San Gennaro, there was the very wrong.

Jimmy Kimmel

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, hosting the auctionTatiana Arbogast

Adam Carolla, whose sense of humor we've felt since way back in the Love Line days, insisted on reminding the audience that all proceeds from an auction were going to "retard kids." Not once, but practically every time he announced an item alongside Kimmel.

Tommy Lasorda

Tommy LasordaTatiana Arbogast

There was also a show that fell somewhere between the lines of something you'd be forced to suffer on a cruise ship and a revue from one of the less prestigious joints in Kimmel's hometown of Vegas, with Italians trying to dance and sing. The highlight of the night? Tommy Lasorda, who didn't need to do much but sit in a chair to get us pumped.


ZeppoleTatiana Arbogast

Still, the raw clams and zeppoles were pretty damn good, and if you know the real San Gennaro, then you know it's usually not without its fair share of pain, greaseballs, and price-gouging. If you're jonesing for a faint taste of Mulberry Street or simply want to laugh at the Hollywood affair's pale relationship to NYC's own clusterfuck of a festival, proceed to fuggedaboutit and get your tickets online. Feast of San Gennaro will be on nightly through this Sunday.


Raw ClamsTatiana Arbogast