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Samuel L. Jackson Discusses George Lucas Deal at Bristol Farms; Comedian Craig Robinson Hits Eveleigh

Samuel L. Jackson speaks out on "Jedi mind tricks"Photo: Pinguino/Flickr

This week, Samuel L. Jackson was stopped while buying groceries at Bristol Farms, telling TMZ that he thinks George Lucas got ripped off on his $4 billion deal with Disney this week and may have fallen victim to "Jedi mind tricks." Elsewhere, we spotted The Office's Craig Robinson indulging in drinks at Eveleigh on Sunday evening while wrapping his arms around two chicks he later left with. Over at Wokcano, Chris Brown reignited a flame with model girlfriend Karrueche Tran, while Ne-Yo celebrated his birthday with a trip to The Valley's fanciest Russian restaurant, Romanov. All this and more in this week's celebrity settings.

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Celeb Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder Opening Glow Smoothie Shop on Melrose

Kim Snyder

Juice bars are a little bit like cupcake shops, in that they're trendy enough to keep on opening up around here, even if everybody we know is a little more hung up getting stuffed with boar ribs, goat poutine, IPAs, and alpaca burgers. And just like cupcakes, fresh juice even has its own celebrities, like nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, who gained fame for reducing the frame of Good Day L.A. host Jillian Barberie and has stars like Fergie and Drew Barrymore jocking her Beauty Detox Solution. On November 14, Snyder is opening her first smoothie shop, Glow, offering "wellness shots," organic coffee and tea, detox cleanses, 100% organic smoothies, and cold-pressed juice to Melrose. Will it help turn our kind from greasy-fingered fat people into svelte starlets? Maybe, if, well, no, probably not. But juice-heads will most likely be stoked on the spot.

Glow, 7473 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood.

Georgetown Cupcake Lands on Robertson November 17

The output is 100-strongPhoto: Georgetown Cupcake

The introduction of a cupcake ATM probably should have been the logical last jump o'er the shark in the never-ending feeding frenzy for these overly-fashionable sweets. But they still keep arriving, usually always landing in Beverly Hills for obvious reasons. The latest is Georgetown Cupcake, from D.C.-based sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, who also star in a TLC show about the desserts. This branch of the Kallinis clan is opening their fifth installment of a growing cupcake empire on Robertson, just south of Wilshire, at noon on Saturday, November 17, in a space that recreates the original location with its own open kitchen, just in case you don't know how cupcakes are made.

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Jonathan Gold Tackles Laurel Hardware

Soft shell crab and corn pudding at Laurel Hardware

Jonathan Gold notes both the hits and misses to be had at Laurel Hardware. Sadly, we've mostly experienced the latter, but the critic endures the obscene crowds of trend-bots for the cooking of Chimu and Lazy Ox vet Mario Alberto, who is "fond of long-braised off-cuts and deep acidity... a complex palette of chiles, seasonal fruits and exotic herbs." Unable to pin down any connection in the culturally capacious dishes other than the chef's vast imagination, Gold says "Sometimes the intermarriage works" as in an "almost cinematic" scenario of fresh corn kernels sauteed in truffle butter with Parmesan and an Artic char on spatezle. Of course, "Sometimes it doesn't," he notes, citing an apple and arugula salad that tastes "more like dessert" and a Hanger steak "marinated into submission." But Alberto's lamb belly is back in business and Gold dubs the restaurant "a useful place" for the late-night crowd that brings a bit of the Sunset Strip onto Santa Monica Blvd. "If you stay up late and enjoy cocktails with dinner," he urges, "it can be a good place to know." [LAT]

Are Food Trucks Hoarding Parking Before Abbot Kinney's "First Fridays?"

U-Haul parked today on Abbot KinneyPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

It's time for another "First Friday" celebration on Abbot Kinney tonight and as if the crush of belligerent bodies, ape-shit rent increases, and wayward food truck trash aren't enough to outrage the street's business community, an emerging parking racket is leading to more frustration. Furthering a practice one source who works on the street tells us has been going on for about six months, several U-Haul trucks and vans, as well as other large trucks, were parked in valued spaces last night, earning the inevitable parking ticket, but absorbing the fine for the later use of food trucks.

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Cee-Lo Accused of Slipping Assault Victim Ecstasy at Downtown Sushi Restaurant

Cee-Lo Green

The plot thickens in the sexual battery allegations surrounding Cee-Lo Green, the cat-stroking singer and judge on The Voice. While still keeping mum on the name of the restaurant in question, TMZ now reports that the sick story began at a Downtown sushi destination, where Cee-Lo is accused of slipping a female date a drug last July, foiling the star's first line of defense that he hasn't been to the restaurant in question for three months.

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Josie LeBalch Gets Grounded

"I was grounded a lot, so I worked in my dad’s restaurant from like 11 or 12. I’d be in the restaurant doing my homework and get called into the kitchen because the dishwasher or someone didn’t show up...I was about 17 and a woman who was helping my dad came up...I wasn't in a great mood because it was Saturday and I wanted to go out with my friends, and she looked at me and said, 'you have such an opportunity here. These people are paying to learn from your dad, we’re all here trying to do this and it’s handed to you and you don’t even see it.' It changed my thinking about what I was doing."—Josie chef and owner Josie LeBalch, on her professional turning point. [Chefs Insight]

Former Rustic Canyon Chef Evan Funke Opening Bucato in Culver City

Make it Funke!

It turns out that many of L.A.'s notable kitchen workhorses are really just dreaming of the day they can make their own pasta. Recalling the latter-day leads of chefs like Jason Neroni, Victor Casanova, and Alex Reznik, recently liberated Rustic Canyon chef Evan Funke is taking the former Beacon space in the Helms Bakery complex to open Bucato, which the L.A. Times calls a "pasta laboratorio."

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Martha Stewart Basically Kills Two Magazines, Lays Off 70 People

It's a good thing?

How's this for timing? Executives at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia — the company that puts out all things Martha — announced this week that they'd lay off 70 people from its 600-person staff. Additionally, they'll kill the recipe-focused Everyday Food as a stand-alone magazine and instead wrap it into Martha Stewart Living. The company will also try to sell another of its magazines, health-heavy Whole Living, to someone else. The moves are expected to save the struggling company between $33 and $35 million per year. [Adweek, Daily Intel]

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