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Paul Shoemaker Shutters Savory in Malibu


Sad news just in from Malibu, as Paul Shoemaker announces the imminent closure of his restaurant Savory, citing a lost battle for control with co-owner and landlord Zan Marquis. Doors are already sealed, meaning those who enjoyed the former Bastide chef's burgers will have to await the arrival of his next concept, Downtown's Juicy Lucy. Unfortunately, this shutter zaps away one of Malibu's better destinations for both foraged fresh dining and excellent pizza. A full statement from Shoemaker is below.

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Evan Kleiman, David Sax, and J. Gold Take a Look "Beyond Bubbie"

Next Tuesday, Evan Kleiman welcomes Jonathan Gold, Save the Deli author David Sax, Cook's County's Roxana Jullapat, Mezze's Micah Wexler, and Akasha Richmond for a panel schmooze called "Who's Your Bubbie?" at the Skirball Center. The event will explore the home-cooking of grandmothers and also mark the launch of a similarly-themed website called "Beyond Bubbie." Tickets are $20 and includes appetizers. Guests are encouraged to each bring a recipe for a random drawing of restaurant prizes.

Palm Springs' Citron Lets You Pay "What It's Worth"

You may lose if you choose to refuse to put it first

In a fairly confident move to get diners in to try its new fall menu, Citron, the restaurant at Viceroy Palm Springs, announces the offer of a "What It's Worth" promotion that allows people to pay whatever they think their meal should cost. As we're fairly confident there are some people who might take advantage of such an open offer, we had to ask, does this really mean someone can come in and order, like, ten dishes and pay .01 cents without a catch. "No catch here," came the response from the restaurant's marketing arm. Well, could you pay in pocket lint or doll hairs? "Unfortunately...[those] won't be accepted."

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Roy Choi Changes Sunny Spot's Menu, Makes A Grown Man Cry

Besha Rodell relays the news that Roy Choi is taking Sunny Spot in a different direction, ditching small plates for a more standard set-up of proteins served aside rice, coleslaw, and yucca fries. "Now the food is even more like the islands," the chef tells Squid Ink. No exact word on the dishes just yet, but in a separate interview with Complex's new food blog, the chef jokes that his cooking, "makes the women wet and the men want to cry." Does this mean we need to consider Measure B now when we come to chow down at Choi's restaurants? [FWF; Earlier]

Dominique's Kitchen Opens in Redondo Beach

Lamb chops with polenta, roasted garlic and thyme au jusPhoto: Dominique's Kitchen

Dominique Theval tells Grub Street that he's seeking to create "dishes that remind guests of classic French home cooked meals," at his new restaurant Dominique's Kitchen in Redondo Beach. Formerly the owner of his own Mange Tout in London, the Parisian followed a stint cooking at Pnomh Penh's Sunway Hotel with a move to L.A. in 2000, where he opened Morel's as executive chef and eventually found himself at Taix, before opening his own place in the South Bay. Set-up as a neighborhood restaurant bent on made-to-order classics with a side of California freshness, Theval's menu is a dinner-only affair of European dishes with a French core.

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Is Santa Monica on The Verge of a Cold (Cut) War?

An axis of aggressive expansionPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

We tried to caution you about the spread of the Jersey Mike's Subs chain back in March, as it innocuously slipped into Marina del Rey. Today, we see the danger creeping close to Santa Monica's sub standard-bearer and one of L.A.'s most heavily trafficked lunch destinations, establishing a new beachhead a mere 100-feet from Bay Cities Deli. Yes, the Jersey chain is issuing a challenge to the home of the ever-popular Godmother (and the regular focus of "edgy" food-writers declaring one of its other other 23 sandwiches the better). Jersey Mike's is setting up shop at a new under-development condo building/Retail Hell at Broadway and Lincoln, joining Fresh Brothers and Starbucks in a fast food axis of aggressive expansion.

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Cooking Modernist Cuisine at Home, at Home

Let me just get the sous-vide machine warmed up...Photo: Tyson Stole/Modernist Cuisine

When I think about "home cooking," I picture the same things you probably do: meatloaf, spaghetti, maybe some mac & cheese with carrot sticks. As far back as I can remember, neither mom nor dad ever made short ribs that had been cooked sous-vide for 72 hours or salmon that was crisped with a blowtorch. Yet as its name implies, Modernist Cuisine at Home — the $140 diffusion brand to Modernist Cuisine's six-volume, $625 tome — has different ideas about home cooking, ones that involve whipping siphons and 56˚(centigrade) water baths.

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We're Giving Away Three Tickets to Saturday's "Wine Riot"

Wine Riot

56 international wineries with over 250 wines will strike L.A. this Saturday at the return of Wine Riot, an oenophile's day-long exploration that seeks to take the snobbishness out of tastings and replace it with wanton beschnozzlement, along with some dude named DJ Cassette, food samples like cupcakes and waffle frites, informal wine pairing classes*, an iPhone tasting app, and one of those photo booths that pairs so well with getting one's fade on with friends. This year, Second Glass's nationally staged event is moving to Downtown L.A.'s Majestic Halls and will have two sessions: the first from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. and another from 7:00 to 11:00 P.M. Since we really want you to have a good time in life, we're giving away three pairs of tickets to any one of the two sessions you prefer.

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Proposition 37 Defeated By 53% of California Voters

Labels not required

$46 million spent by Big Agriculture and all we get is the same old food labels. California's Proposition 37, the "Right to Know" initiative which would require genetically modified foods to be labeled, was struck down in last night's election, with 53% of state voters standing against the measure. Agriculture biotechnology giant Monsanto lead the blindside against this bill, spending over $8 million dollars of its own money in a fight that sought to convince shoppers the measure would make their groceries more expensive, aided by several more bankrolls from companies like Dupont, Kellog's, Dow, PepsiCo., General Mills, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and arguments from farmers, grocery chains, and even The L.A. Times.

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