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L.A. Supports "Meatless Mondays"

L.A. City Council voted 12-to-0 last Friday to formally approve support for "Meatless Mondays," the campaign to promote a vegetarian diet every Monday as a movement towards better health and a lessening of the environmental impact caused by meat's production. L.A. Weekly notes that we are now the third, and biggest, city to support the movement. [LAW]

West L.A.'s Hole-in-the-Wall Burger Joint Relocating to Santa Monica

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint

Correcting earlier scuttlebutt that placed a forthcoming location of Hole-in-the-Wall Burger Joint on the 3rd Street Promenade, Unemployed Eater reports that Bill Dertouzos and Susan McAlindon's restaurant is relocating to Santa Monica's Colorado Avenue in the first week of January, across from the DMV. In a notice to fans on its website, the owners say that their original Hole-in-the-Wall is not having its leased renewed, necessitating the move. The West L.A. location will still serve until the new one is operational, while the West Hollywood location will not be affected. The transplanted restaurant plans to expand its menu with new sandwiches, desserts, and a wider choice of sides.

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint, 2200 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica.

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint Moving to Santa Monica, But Not The Promenade [UE]

White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles Exist

Limited edition.Photo: Courtesy Kellogg's

Here's the first sign that a White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles flavor does, in fact, exist. Legend says a crack team of snack researchers engineered these chips to evoke a one-night stand between a naïve Idaho potato and a semi-tragic, cocoa-buttery candy cane with an indistinguishable accent. Was that Finnish she was spoke? We'll never know. Anyhow, these chips are apparently keeping their holiday-themed brethren flavor Cinnamon Sugar in good company on grocery-store shelves across the nation. There's also a Pumpkin Pie Spice kind, but you must travel to Wal-Mart for that one.

Hugo's Tacos Opening in Woodland Hills

Hugo's Tacos, the Mexican food stand that branched out of West Hollywood's Hugo's, is expanding to Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills. The opening, scheduled for later this month, will mark the third location for the business and follows the debut of a third Hugo's location more than a year ago in Agoura Hills. 22941 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills.

Poisonous Mushroom Soup Kills Two at Northern California Nursing Home

Don't even think about it.

This past weekend brought another cautionary tale for all amateur foragers out there: Two elderly women died and four other people were sickened after consuming some wild mushroom soup at an assisted living facility in Placer County, California. Barbara Lopes, 86, and Teresa Olesniewicz, 73, both died Friday, and the caregiver who harvested the mushrooms and made the soup was also hospitalized, along with three others.

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Anthony Bourdain Is Still Pretty Angry About That Whole Cadillac Thing

"Though not quite a virgin, I have tried to remain fairly pure."Photo: Sean Mathis/WireImage

The reason Anthony Bourdain tweeted a fist-full of expletives at the Travel Channel and Cadillac last week on the night of the No Reservations series finale is simply because Anthony Bourdain does not sell out. "It was clearly expressed in writing," he explains on Tumblr today, "clearly understood and agreed to that I would not use or mention any products in my show and my name and image would not be used in connection with any products in return for anything of value or any other consideration without my specific agreement." The chef and TV personality also apologizes to any of the car manufacturer's assembly line workers he may have inadvertantly offended. [Anthony Bourdain/Tumblr, Earlier]

U-Mini Opening Wednesday in Westwood

Umami Burger's Mini-Me concept, U-Mini, launches this Wednesday at noon. First announced last March, this smaller Umami outpost is planned as a 45-seat testing ground for the empire's new recipes, featuring a simplified menu of four burgers for now, in a server-less space where new technologies are also explored, like tablet and phone app ordering. Burgers, shakes, and fries will come at a smaller price than other locations, with a focus on pre-orders and takeout. 1131 Westwood Ave. Westwood Village.

Seoul's Gospel House Opens in KTown

Gospel House, KoreatownPhoto: Joshua Lurie

Just when you thought you had everything you needed in this city, Gospel House Cafe & Music ups the ante, fusing Gospel tunes with Asian-Mexican-Italian cuisine on Beverly Blvd. in Koreatown. First founded in Seoul by Reverend Kwang-won Choi & Ok-hyun Choi in 1986, the restaurant features your standard-issue aquarium up front and wood floors and tables throughout, with recorded Christian music, occasional gospel performances, and a weekly talent show to spice it up.

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Burger Lounge and Sprinkles Lending a Hand in Wake of Sandy

Last night, 60 Minutes featured James Brennan, a managing partner in Brian Malarkey's San Diego empire, as he returned to his ravaged New York hometown of Belle Harbor to help rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We can all do our part on the West Coast this week, as Sprinkles is donating 100% of today's proceeds from its red velvet cupcakes to Red Cross' Sandy Relief Fund. Elsewhere, all L.A. locations of Burger Lounge are giving 100% of all proceeds this week to Red Cross disaster relief, a full seven days of donations starting today and ending Sunday.

Badmaash Indian Gastropub Opening in Downtown

Badmaash L.A.Photo: Badmaash L.A.

An Indian gastropub called BadmaashLA is poised to serve Downtown's 2nd Street in the next few weeks, offering Bombay street food and U.S. bar food maash-ups. True to its name (badmaash is sort of like a rebel in Hindi), the restaurant is kicking Indian conventions to the curb.

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P.S. 310 Opens In Culver City on December 6

Photo: P.S. 612

Public School 310, the Culver City sequel to Downtown's P.S. 612, is setting an opening date of December 6. This new 125-seat gastro-pub is taking over the former Fraiche space with a "retro classroom" look designed by Kelly Architects. Grill on the Alley corporate chef Phil Kastel is behind the menu here, with dishes amped up through the local farmers market including roasted poblanos with quinoa and a short rib plate using Dragoons Irish stout.

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Watch Ian Knauer Make Sustainable Sausage With Lindy & Grundy

Ian Knauer, the author of The Farm and the same guy who taught you how to make Pad Thai with Marmite in Grub Street's "Flavor Ammo" feature, is hosting a new series from Take Part called "Tastemakers," launching tomorrow, a followup to its campaign highlighting the top 100 U.S. businesses committed to local, conscious, and sustainable "food done right." The first episode starts in Hollywood with a look into Lindy & Grundy, the whole animal butcher shop run by Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada. Along the way, we learn that Posada was coaxed out of vegetarianism after falling in love with Nakamura in Brooklyn, that the couple has two pet pigs at home, and about the odd and "old school" cuts beautifully arranged in their store. The trio then tackles a huge hog leg and starts making the sausage. Have a look!

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