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Stone Brewing Collaborates on "The Perfect Crime"

This week, Stone Brewing Co. releases its final collaboration beer of 2012, teaming with Denmark's Evil Twin Brewing and Batimore's Stillwater Artisinal Ales on a black saison called "The Perfect Crime." Brewmaster Mitch Steele claims the ale just barely qualifies as a saison due to its Belgian saison yeast, while also bearing the dark and dusky character of its newly introduced oak-smoked wheat malt. The 6.8% brew was just released yesterday across the country in a limited batch of twelve-ounce bottles and can also be found on-draft if you know where to look. The brewery also issued a rather lo-fi, noir-style short film to accompany its release, which you can see below, while if you want to find the brew, several Whole Foods and BevMo locations in L.A. will be carrying it in bottle, and Blue Palms and Steingarten will have it on draft.

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Fatty Arbuckle-Themed Restaurant Opening Soon in West Hollywood

Fatty's Public House

What is in the water around here these days? As if restaurants themed after creepy clowns and Southern plantations aren't terrifying enough, Zagat reports on the soon-to-come opening** of Fatty's Public House, a new restaurant themed after Fatty Arbuckle and located in the disgraced actor's former abode. Now, we don't even want to mention the terrible things come to mind when we think of the chubby silent star, even if there is a movement afoot pushing his innocence. (We never read the fake auto-bio by that guy who shot up with ALF). Still, this is happening, and the appropriately named Brosephs Restaurant Group, owners of Smoke on Melrose and Brick + Mortar, are behind it, planning to serve Yankee-friendly fare like pizza, shrimp corn dogs, and burgers, along with Arbuckle-inspired cocktails of questionable names like a "Rough House" and a "Fatty's Reckless Fling." What guys, no bottle service? [Zagat]

Fatty's Public House, 829 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood; 310-854-0756.

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Spoonful Slings Southern Eats to Studio City

Fried pork belly and fried soft eggPhoto: Spoonful

OMG, the Southern Plantation look is totally in right now, you guys. That's something we never thought we'd be writing, but lo, the South is rising again in L.A. First there was that Roscoe's location coming to Anaheim with its own plantation look, then Sassafrass came a-shuckin' onto the scene, and now Thrillist introduces us to Spoonful, a bar and restaurant themed after a Georgia plantation that grand-opened last night in Studio City.

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Rick Bayless Muses on Jimmy Buffet, Bossa Nova, and The Critics He Shares With Paul Simon

Rick "Rock" Bayless

Rick Bayless sits down with Food is the New Rock this week in L.A. to discuss such subjects as the disappointing day Jimmy Buffet visited one of his Chicago restaurants and failed to order a margarita and how the chef learned Portuguese as a teen just to better understand what the singers were saying on his Bossa Nova records. And as it often does, the subject of authenticity comes up as it relates to the chef's obsession with Mexican food. High on musical metaphors, Bayless relates his critics to the same type who slam Ry Cooder's work with Buena Vista Social Club and Paul Simon's Graceland (we recently compared him to Simon's Rhythm of the Saints period ourselves). So, what does Bayless have to say?

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Bozo the Clown Restaurant Concept Sounds Like a Mess Hall of Nightmares

Nothing creepy about this.Photo: MichaelTutton/Flickr

Restaurant News reports that a Bozo the Clown-themed restaurant and entertainment complex is now under development from Dave Corriveau, the president (and "Dave") behind the Dave & Buster's chain. Yes, that very same Bozo the Clown that you and everyone else hasn't thought about in over a decade. Family-friendly BozoWorld will serve as a circus-themed venue for kids to hold their birthday parties, play games, and generally go bonkers, with plans to "revolutionize indoor family entertainment." Sounds like a good idea, except for one thing: An all-clown restaurant sounds like it will be a pure terror factory for today's kids.

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Bourdain’s CNN Show to Be Called ‘Parts Unknown,’ Gets Its First Promo

The first promo vid for Anthony Bourdain's new CNN show is out, and it looks a lot like No Reservations. The show, called Parts Unknown, is all set to debut this spring, and from the look of things, there isn't a single Cadillac in sight. And a quick programming note: Bourdain will be on Piers Morgan's show tonight to talk about the project. Watch the teaser, straight ahead.

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Chef Stephen Kalt Tapped to Relaunch Caulfield's at The Thompson

Stephen Kalt

One year after opening to replace Bond Street, Caulfield's at The Thompson Hotel is again pressing its restaurant reset button, incorporating a new design from HD Buttercup creative designer Heather Ashton and changing its name to Caulfield's Bar and Dining Room (just so people stop assuming it's a fancy off-track betting center or pi├▒ata shop). The Beverly Hills restaurant also has a new chef in the kitchen: Stephen Kalt, a veteran of Daniel Boulud's reign at Le Cirque and co-creator of NYC's Spartina and Spazzio, as well as the chef once running Corsa Cucina at The Wynn Las Vegas and currently still in command at Fornelletto at Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel and Casino. Kalt will unveil new breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus this Thursday, featuring choices like grilled pizettes, duck breast with Gaviota strawberries and padron peppers, house-smoked trout in a mason jar, a lobster club sandwich, and a burger of U.S. wagyu grilled on binchotan charcoal. Ashton's new design includes a twelve-top communal table in marble, antique mirrors, and vintage furniture.

David Kinch, Daniel Patterson, Wolfgang Puck Among 240 Chefs Flying to Monaco to Fête Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse welcoming chefs back to 'the country of taste and excellence.'Photo: Courtesy of Louis XV

A legion of 240 of the world's best chefs, representing 25 countries and boasting 300 Michelin stars among them, are all flying to Monaco this week for an unprecedented summit and celebration in honor of the 25th anniversary of Alain Ducasse opening his restaurant Louis XV. And among those who could not refuse the invitation to go and cook for Ducasse and hob nob with Europe's great chefs are San Francisco's own Daniel Patterson (Coi), David Kinch (Manresa), and L.A.'s Wolfgang Puck. The summit takes place from November 16 to 19, and we know at least that Patterson will be cooking.

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Spanish Fly Holding CommuniTEA Bakesale for Victims of Hurricane Sandy, Saturday in KTown

Two tastings and classes look at tea history and the global tea scenePhoto: Spanish Fly

Farid Zadi's Spanish Fly Gastropub is brewing up a benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy this Saturday. Called the "Tea Aid CommuniTea Fundraiser," Zadi and partner Susan Park are staging a three-part event, with a bake sale, chef's table dinner, and two separate tea tastings and history sessions with Hancha Tea's Yoon Hee Kim, the director of the Korean Tea Culture Foundation. During the bake-sale, the couple will also debut their new line of Mediterranean baked goods and pastries under the name Marconeta Bakery, while coffee and additional pastries are offered by KTown's IOTA and Patisserie Eguchi. What else is on the schedule for Saturday?

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Say Hello to Paiche, Ricardo Zarate's Under-Construction Cevicheria in Marina del Rey

Paiche, under construction at StellaPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

In September, we caught wind that Mo-Chica and Picca creator Ricardo Zarate is hatching a new concept in Marina del Rey with his partner, Stephan Bombet. Named Paiche, it will serve as a Peruvian cevicheria offering its namesake, this Amazonian river fish of unusual size, and possibly a Brazilian relative of the piranha known as pacu, among other ceviches and cooked dishes based solely around sea and river swimmers. At the time of the announcement, the specific address was unknown. Today we stumbled across the restaurant's future home at Stella, the neighborhood's new mixed-use, Leed Silver-certified apartment and retail complex, in the northeast corner of the building's ground floor at 13488 Maxella.

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