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Moon Juice To Wax, Not Wane, in 2013

Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal-Bacon's 100% organic juice and nut milk store on Venice's Rose Avenue, is planning the company's coming expansion, seeking both a chef and GM to lead it through its next stages. Moon Juice plans new openings in L.A. next year, as well as the development and expansion of a line of raw and organic snacks and baked goods. [Earlier]

Danielle Keene Opening Bittersweet Treats, December 4 in Pasadena

Bittersweet Treats in Pasadena

Danielle Keene, the pastry chef at the opening of Wilshire who was seen on Top Chef: Just Desserts, and runs the custom online bakery Bittersweet Treats, will translate her vision of upgrading classic sweets and desserts into her own brick-and-mortar location on December 4. Pasadena Patch spots her arrival on Colorado Blvd. at 10:00 A.M. Keene's made-from-scratch repertoire includes white rose cakes, toffee tarts, seasonal ice cream, basil and lavender truffles, pistachio brittle, peanut butter cupcakes, whoopie pies, black and white and cherry toffee oatmeal cookies. Expect the space to have collection of vintage baking pans on the walls, and Keene to make milkshakes and feature gourmet coffee as additional features.

Bittersweet Treats, 1731 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena.

Earlier: Danielle Keene Leaves L.A. Creamery to Concentrate on Bittersweet Bakery [GS]

Bryant Ng Reps L.A. in America's Greatest New Cooks

Bryant NgPhoto: Lesley Balla

Food & Wine just released "America's Greatest New Cooks" through its website, a collection of 100 recipes highlighting ten of the nation's brightest talents and tested in the magazine's kitchen, broken down into starters, mains, sides, and dessert. Edited by EIC Dana Cowin, Spice Table's Bryant Ng, one of the publication's "Best New Chefs" this year, is the sole chef representing Los Angeles, offering ten recipes including Singaporean pork satay, oyster and crab pan-roast, Southeast Asian rib-eye, and kaffir lime custard. Elsewhere, Bar Tartine's Nicolaus Balla and Belinda Leong of B. Patisserie hold down NorCal, alongside chefs like Empellon's Alex Stupak, Purple Pig's Jimmy Bannos Jr., and Philly's Michael Solomonov.

Sweet! Brings Wonka To The Walk of Fame

Sweet!Photo: Sweet!

Sweet!, the hottest new candy complex in Hollywood just opened and this place has everything: a taffy-stretching station, a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man with Slimer energy drinks, tee-pees, "disgustingly delicious" urinals that fill up with candy, a design-it-yourself chocolate bar lab, a Harry Potter portrait made of Jelly Bellys, and jacked dwarves with orange skin and green hair. Yes, the store even had actual Oompa-Loompas at its premiere (or more accurately, wee thespians between acting jobs). With several separate shops themed around different candy brands, you can find cavity causing candies from around the world, including a Wonka store**, the only place Wonka chocolate bars are available now in the U.S., according to an non-Loompa employee.

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Guy Gabriele Plans To Hand Cafe Pierre to "The Next Generation"

Guy Gabriele, the owner of Manhattan Beach's 35-year-old Cafe Pierre, is getting out of the game, he tells Easy Reader News today. Gabriele first launched the French restaurant as a small crêperie in 1977, transforming it into Cafe Pierre two years later, then establishing it as a fine-dining destination in the eighties, when he introduced the South Bay to guest-chefs like Michel Richard and Patrick Healy. Gabriele tells the paper he'll soon be turning the reigns over to his daughter, who may "make some changes" at the restaurant. [ERN]

Guerrero Under The Influence of The Godfather

"A few years ago, my sons and I would get together once a month to watch one of The Godfather movies...I would cook up a different dish to pair with the movie and it was a lot of fun. We tend to brainstorm tons of concepts whenever we get together and this one inspired us to do an "old-school" Italian restaurant."—Andre Guerrero, on the creation of Highland Park's Maximiliano. [Eater]

Ink. Hosting James Beard Celebrity Tour Dinner With Mozza, Animal, Fox, and Jordan Kahn

Mike Voltaggio at ink.Photo: KevinEats

It doesn't get much better than this super-group line-up of visionaries, which reads like a Lollapalooza of L.A. cooking. On Sunday, December 2, Michael Voltaggio will host a James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner with Nancy Silverton and Matt Molina of Mozza, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal and Son of a Gun, Jeremy "Free-Agent" Fox, and Jordan Kahn of Red Medicine. Gnarly! Tickets will cost $200 ($100 if you're charging hard at Williams-Sonoma) and go on sale tomorrow by calling ink. at 323-651-5866. The chef's bios are all online with more information on what to expect.

Legendary Sommelier Larry Stone on Charlie Trotter’s Wine Collection (Which He Built)


Tomorrow, Christie's in New York will auction off the top bottles from the collection amassed over 25 years by Chicago's legendary Charlie Trotter's restaurant. (The remainder will be on sale online through the end of the month; you can see the collection catalogue here.) Master sommelier Larry Stone was Trotter's most celebrated wine director, working at the restaurant from 1989 (when it was two years old) to 1993, and then returning for its last few months. But more than that, he was Trotter's collaborator in developing an American way that wine and food could go together in contemporary fine dining, largely responsible for building the restaurant's celebrated cellar and setting the direction that it followed after he left. Stone recently took a new post as dean of Wine Studies at the International Culinary Center in Campbell, California; we caught up with him via e-mail in Burgundy and asked him about the collection, which Christie's buyers will be bidding on tomorrow.

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40 Years and 40 Bites: A Look Back at Valentino's Anniversary Dinner

"I can't begin to tell you what I've been through for this dinner," Valentino generalissimo Piero Selvaggio said through a smile, sometime approaching midnight last night, as the 40th anniversary dinner at his Santa Monica restaurant drew to its dusk. Unruffled and ageless as ever, embracing and attending to each guest as if they were the only person in existence, the owner had 25 cooks crammed into Nico Chessa's kitchen, including the special forces of Celestino Drago and Sotto's Steve Samson, with Urth Cafe's Davide Giova back on pastry duty.

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Padma Does Playboy

But don't get too excited, fellas: It's for a Q&A, and the accompanying photo is very tasteful. (The same cannot be said for the ads on the site.) Anyway, topics discussed: Lakshmi's lack of sentimentality ("I’m like a truck driver trapped in this body"), ex-husband Salman Rushdie ("Now there is somebody who has great wit and is a great flirt"), her role in the 2001 box-office bomb Glitter (money job), and attractive people who don't have a lot to say ("A lot of people I see in magazines or on TV bore me"). So it goes. [Playboy]

Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Personal Branding and Geopolitical Humblebrags

Photo: Bravo

I’d like to apologize for last week’s disparaging comments about soup. After doing a little research, I realize that soup can be, in fact, quite complicated and delicious. I must remember to eat it someday.

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Department of Deportment: The End-All, Be-All Guide to Using Your Phone at the Table

Resist the urge to play some mid-meal Angry Birds Star Wars.Photo-illustration: Konstantin Sergeyev

Look around any hot-ticket dining room and you'll see it: the vulgar, telltale glow of smartphones laid on tables, bars, and laps. iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxies full of Twitter updates and text messages; equipped with cameras ideal for mediocre food photography; even able to, in the most loathesome of at-table scenarios, make actual phone calls. They're a great technological advancement, and an even greater nuisance to both diners and the cooks whose food has to compete for your attention with push notifications. The ubiquity of smartphones in restaurants now has even led to calls for a hard ban — or the invention of odd games involving stacking phones on the table during the meal. But such extreme measures are unlikely to succeed, and the use of phones at the table should be a matter of etiquette, not law, so here is the definitive road map to using your phone at the table.

"A phone left on the dinner table is a shifty kind of power play." »

Guy Fieri Responds to Times Smackdown [Updated]

Guy Fieri didn't say anything yesterday in the wake of Pete Wells's public thrashing of Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, but he did show up on Today — increasingly becoming the go-to morning stop for Food Network stars in damage control mode — to address the issue.

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