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The Game Gets a Parking Ticket at The Roxbury; Ian McKellen Holds Court at Lucques


Hollywood, you're slipping. All the juicy celebrity dining news went down in other cities this week. Lindsay Lohan punched a chick in the face while stalking a member of a boy band outside of a New York bar, Halle Berry's baby daddy, Oliver Martinez, pulled a Donald Trump, having his new restaurant cited for numerous health violations in Miami, and French actor Gerard Depardieu was detained in gay Paris whist driving his scooter under the influence and taking a spill. Back in L.A., it was basically the same old story. Vivica Fox went to Casa Vega, The Game beefed with police at a club, and a bunch of rising stars we've barely heard of pretended to eat around town by pushing salads around with forks and slurping down coffee. Check it all out in this week's celebrity settings.

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Roy Choi Lending a Hand to The Line Hotel

Reps for Roy Choi confirm Eater's report that the Kogi and Chego chef is indeed collaborating with The Sydell Group (of New York's Nomad Hotel) on a new restaurant in what will eventually be The Line Hotel, opening in 2013 on Wilshire. According to the site, the hotel will "celebrate-through food, drink, and design - all that Korea Town has to offer." Hopefully that means more than just a tank full of Hite and a belly full of galbi jiim, since we know Daniel Humm's truly epic foie-stuffed roast chicken won't be making it from The Nomad anytime too soon. [Eater]

Chefs From BierBeisl, Michael's, and Hot's Collaborating on Six-Course Dinner at Abigaile

Tin Vuong of Abigaile

If Hot Kitchen's Sean Chaney escapes the kitchen without being torn apart by PETA protestors today, he'll be joining Abigaile chef Tin Vuong and several of his peers on December 12 for a collaborative six-course tasting menu. That Wednesday, Vuong will also welcome Bernard Mairinger of BierBeisl, Michael's chef John Carlos Kuramoto, Meg Hall of Made by Meg Catering, and Cake Bakeshop's chef and owner, Lara Mandracchia. The chefs will each contribute a different dish to a $65 menu, with a reception at 6:30 P.M. featuring beers from Abigaile's in-house brewing operation. The first event launches Abigaile's monthly "Kitchen Takeover" series, which will introduce five news chefs to Vuong's kitchen each month, with a portion of December's proceeds going to Beach Cities Toy Drive. Reservations can be made online or at 310-798-8227.

Papilles-Like Prix-Fix Coming to Mignon

Mignon, the Downtown wine bar where Franco-phile owner Santos Uy is staging his sausage pop-up, Knackig, will soon start serving a $28 three-course menu with Tim Carey, the chef at Uy's bistronomics restaurant Papilles. The offering reflects a similar structure to Papilles' affordable French prix-fixe menus, with updates due for Facebook. [SinoSoul]

DuPar's Bringing Breakfast to Bethesda

Du-Par's "damn good" piesPhoto: Sam Howzit/Flickr

Du-Par's, the L.A.-based diner founded in 1938 at the Original Farmer's Market, is bringing its pancakes and made-from-scratch pies to Bethesda, the Maryland suburb just outside of Washington D.C. Purchased in 2004 by a group that includes second-generation L.A. restaurateur "Biff" Naylor, the time-tested brand acquired chain ambitions in the last three years, branching out to locations that include an address in Oxnard and another on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The most eastern-based Du-Par's will appear this Saturday, sharing space with another iconic L.A. senior, 62-year-old Hamburger Hamlet, in Bethesda's Georgetown Square, where the former's breakfast menu will be found alongside Hamlet's roster of burgers.

Du-par’s Bringing Famous West Coast Brand East [Bethesda Now]

PETA Protesting Hot's Kitchen Today

Foie protestors at Wilshire restaurant

PETA announces its intention to descend on Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach today, the same restaurant the animal rights group says it's suing over the free servings of foie gras offered there after the state-wide ban took effect. A PETA press release says members will hold a protest over lunch service, bearing signs that say "Stop Selling Foie Gras" (of course, Hot's is not, considering the ingredient is being giving away) and "Tortured Ducks and Geese" (not a full sentence, but how much script can one sign can hold?). PETA will also hand out flyers and generally make everyone eating there feel bad about it. Luckily for Hot's, it's a rainy day, meaning both potential protestors and potentially turned-off customers will stay away from the beach come taco-time. But really nothing against PETA or anything. We totally get this. As food bloggers approaching a traditionally slow news month, we also miss the foie gras fight, even if it supposedly ended back in July.

Fat Spoon Closing in Downtown; Lazy Ox Taps Octavio Becerra

Tonkatsu curry at Fat Spoon

Change is a constant these days in Michael Cardenas' Little Tokyo restaurant empire. Two months ago, the owner curiously "grand re-opened" his one-and-a-half-year-old Aburiya Toranoku and tonight he will shutter his Japanese curry and pasta restaurant The Fat Spoon after Friday service. Eater learns that the owner may relocate the concept to the Westside. But despite a shared lean towards noodles, the pairing of Italian and Asian dishes under one roof has so far failed to really launch, considering expired examples like Korean-Italian Erbe Matte and Japanese-Italian Bella Pasta, though Livello at L'Ermitage was attempting something similar last we looked. The Fat Spoon space could fall into the hands of Sin City's Martin Koloff, who is thinking of trying his hand with an udon spot here in January. Hopefully he keeps carbonara away from his Kagawa-style noodles.

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WuHan, Gold's Got You All in Check; Rodell Savors The Camp at MessHall

Lobster griddle at Tasty Dining

Jonathan Gold tells you what to order at San Gab's Tasty Dining, that is, if you choose to veer from the "bullfrog, lobster, shrimp or pig's colon," for the chili and herb-inundated "chicken-wing griddle." In search of real Wuhan cuisine, where re gan mian reigns, the critic spends an hour or two searching the internerds, leading him to the restaurant's previously overlooked pumpkin pancakes (apparently a favorite of Mao's, he notes) and the region's staple serving of re gan mian which appears to be "the Chinese equivalent of a Roman cacio e pepe with sesame paste and scallions instead of cheese and pepper." [LAT]

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Psy Gives His Blessing to Rogue ‘Gangnam Style’ Restaurant

Psy: Increasing the peacePhoto: Patrick McMullan

Soju Town, a stop for Korean bar food in Los Angeles, recently swapped its generic title for one that is so fleeting, it already feels dated. Of course, the restaurant recently renamed itself after Psy's "Gangnam Style," but never actually cleared the idea with Psy himself. Oops. Naturally, TMZ had to consult the singer on the matter, learning that he originally considered suing the place, but soon gave it up, most likely as he's confident his next song is going to be a much bigger hit. Or maybe, like a bow-tied Billy Elliot, he just wants to dance. In any case, "Gangnam Style" the Restaurant officially now exists. [TMZ]

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