Golden Road Brewing Developing Secondary Pub Space Called Chloe's

Golden Road Brewing

Golden Road Brewing is building on to its brewpub with a secondary pub space called Chloe's. The L.A. Times reports that this under-construction "darker, woodier" space will be a more upscale addition for private parties and events to take place in, albeit one with vintage beer signs from long-gone L.A. brewers. More intriguing, owner Tony Yanow foresees a weekly gathering at Chloe's in what sounds sort of like an informal Elk's Lodge for beer industry professionals to put their heads together, free from dues, and he also wants to make room for public reservations at the venue. Chloe's is also going to house the brewery's barrel-aged ale program and is available for other nearby breweries to use for their own throw-downs. [LAT]