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Westfield to Blow Up LAX With Hot Restaurants by 2014

Caviar flight during your layoverPhoto: Westfield Petrossian

Cleveland airport has Michael Symon. JFK has Sammy Hagar. Chicago O'hare has Bayless. Los Angeles Airport doesn't have much at all, especially at the busy Tom Bradley International Terminal. It finally took the brute retail strength of an Australia mall giant to finally bring Top Chefs into LAX. Is there a better way to alleviate the Chinese tourists' wallets ladened with crisp Benjamins than a tin of Petrossian's caviar? Team Villaraigosa is laughing all the way to the bank's night deposits. The complete list of new restaurants to open at the $80 million development project follows, but don't come hungry to that flight this Christmas holiday. The first new restaurant will not open until Spring 2013. [PATCH] [Westfield]

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Here Are Some Classic Cocktail Deals For Repeal Day

Hudson's cocktail

Repeal Day, December Fifth, today, is a bit contrived like Sweetest day, except the bars are giving you the gift of cheap booze instead of bad chocolate jammed with leftover bug parts. It's only apropos to visit some elderly cocktails today since they're so glaringly hip right now, and Repeal Day actually occurred in 1933. Read on for the deals at Corner Door, Drago Centro, Oliverio, Sassafras, Wood and Vine, and others.

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Moment Hotel and Bar To Open on Guitar Row Next February

Is Guitar Row still hot? Did we miss the memo? Come February 2013, The Moment Hotel, a rather boutique operation with only 39 rooms, will begin operations and simultaneously open a petite rooftop bar focusing on small-plates and an earth-shattering Hollywood Hills view. Will Chef Greeny also design this menu? If he does, he can be the king of LA rooftop dining on top of boutique hotels. That’s gotta be better than being another Iron Chef America.

Watch a Charming Little Video About the International Banana Museum

We'll be honest: Until about four minutes ago, we were not aware that the world's largest collection of banana paraphernalia was in Southern California, but it turns out that it is. Cool Hunting stopped by the International Banana Museum and talked to owner (and apparent savior of the museum) Fred Garbutt about why in the hell someone would have a banana museum in the first place. It's ridiculous, of course, but gosh this guy's enthusiasm is just so darn agreeable.

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What You Missed at Bittersweet Treats's Grand Opening

Danielle Keene's Bittersweet Treats grand opened yesterday, December 4, at 10:00 A.M., and we were on hand to offer prodigious drool to offer cheerleading casually observe the celebration of sugar and butter so close to Pasadena City College. This is what a red-hot pastry chef and cookie porn in Pasadena look like. The photos of cookies, ice creams, macaroons, Boston cream pies, and fig bars really need no words. Prices range from $2.25 for the red velvet whoopie pie, to $4 for a slice of pie, and reflect a more palatable Eastside price point than the current crop of Downtown pastry shops. There is also a full espresso menu featuring LA Mill coffee pulled from a Faema, as well as Laura Ann's jams for sale.

Bittersweet Treats, 1731 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena.

Earlier: Bittersweet's Opening Delayed. [GS]

Eagle Rock Brewery to Host White Christmas Party with Hot Knives

Beer and cheese

On December 13, vegan catering specialist (and cookbook authors) Hot Knives will join forces with Eagle Rock Brewery to hold a White Christmas Party. Of note, by "white", Eagle Rock Brewery actually means wheat and white beers, so put back those white linen pants and matching Car Shoes immediately For those who have never experienced a beer and cheese pairing by Hot Knives, these tastings can be rather satisfying, with the cheeses serving as protein main, accompanied by vegan accoutrements. Menu and beer details below.

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Soba Sojibo to Build 100 U.S. Outlets in Ten Years

Can the U.S. Handle 100 Soba Shops

Sojibo's US management just casually dropped a bombshell! Gourmet Kineya group, Sojibo's parent company headquartered in Japan, has established an expansion goal of 100 restaurants in America in the next ten years. Apparently the newly opened Sawtelle branch is just the tip of the iceberg. With Red Mango's expansion disaster still fresh on everyone's mind one can only hope Sojibo will be more studious and stick to its business plan. Hawaii is possibly the next location, but more immediately, Sojibo Sawtelle shall be introducing a happy hour menu shortly. [GS]

Farid Zadi Reboots Ecole de Cuisine at Spanish Fly

Chef Farid Zadi, one of L.A.'s most dashing and convivial chefs, has retooled a small portion of his previous cooking school effort into cooking classes at Spanish Fly. The last iteration of Zadi's teaching endeavors was located at Cafe Livre, but the older space had facilities and other equipment issues that always hindered the growth efforts. This time around, utilizing Spanish Fly's large and modern space in Koreatown, the chef will bestow culinary knowledge from all facets of his repertoire. Each three and a half hour class is $130, and will cover dishes from Spain, Southern France, or the Mediterranean. Participants are allowed to drink wine and eat the efforts during class, which is no one was able to do during their college anatomy dissection classes. Unfortunately, actual dessicated spanish flies will not be used in any of the dishes taught during class. Schedule is below. [Spanish Fly]

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Sloshed: How to Drink Your Way Through the Christmas Season

Your actual Christmas might look a little different.Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Christmas is not a drinking holiday, per se (we have Saint Patrick's Day and the Super Bowl for that), but it is the holiday that presents the strongest reasons to drink: family time, shopping madness, end-of-year ennui, sweater parties, cookie swaps, hearing "The Little Drummer Boy" for the fourteenth goddamn time in one day. The only sensible way to navigate the Yuletide gauntlet is with drink in hand.

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