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Snyder Visits Darabar Secret Thai at Midnight

What was the LA Weekly scribe looking for at Darabar? Khanom jeen nam ngiao? Khao kluk kapi? Pad Thai? No, no, and no. He was looking for the same thing Hemmingway and Poe look for when desperate for inspiration: bottle service in the form of Johnnie Walker, paired with some scantily clad Asian girls seriously spicy raw crab som tam (available with two types of crab, raw blue crab and salted black crab). [LAW]

Magnolia Downtown Died and No One Noticed

No one, except Downtown blogger Brigham Yen, of course. This sad occurence is a bit recollective of the Xino closure. If no one cares the restaurant closed, did it really close? Yes it did, because another one is coming. The remaining Magnolia on Sunset marches on though, in case anyone's looking for late night ice cream sandwiches. [BY]

9021Pho Grows a Vegetation Wall in Sherman Oaks

Vegetation Wall beats Vietnamese Soap Operas

9142Pho 9021Pho opened yesterday at Westfield Fashion Square. With each build out, 9021Pho has gotten more glam. This one sports a vegetation wall from which herbs will be sourced, and a grand, open kitchen. The menu remains the same, but the bottle list grows with the expanded space. Don't expect a SGV beef pho full of anise and cinnamon, but the pho ga works well for those looking for a comforting chicken noodle soup after battling for gloves at Macy's. The Glendale Galleria shop is set to open on December 15.

Jack Daniel's Ribs for the End of the World: T.G.I. Friday’s Hosting Apocalypse Parties

We can think of a couple of places where we'd like to spend our last moments on Earth, but not one of those spots is a T.G.I. Friday's. Even still, the Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21, and that happens to be a Friday, so T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants in a half dozen U.S. cities (Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, Chicago, and D.C.) are throwing "Last Friday" parties featuring Mayan decor, photo booths, music, and a Mayan Margarita. Also they'll be raffling off an 'End of the World Survival Kit,' which is just like a cocktail shaker, bottle opener, and an energy drink. Shouldn't the booze at least be free during the end times? [Zagat]

Matt Biancaniello Peeks In on Mo-Chica's Ceviche Night

We know a few women in L.A. have been jonesing for Matt Biancaniello's sauce since his departure from Library Bar. Fear not, he's back after only a month of vacay, but he will be nowhere near Venice. For Sunday, December 9 only, Biancaniello will shake up some seafood inspired cocktails to pair with Mo-Chica's Ceviche Night. Cocktail menu is as follows.

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Watch Marcel Vigneron Teach Models How to Cut Corn

Last we checked, Marcel Vigneron was doing a brunch pop-up at Gonpachi. It's not certain whether he has found a permanent home yet, but it is certain he knows how to party for Youtube's show "We're Drunk, Let's Eat". Forward to 4:54 for the corn scene.

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Western Hemisphere’s Largest Cheese, and Its Dancing Team, Arrive in Boston

A scene from last year's cheese ceremony.Photo: Lyons PR

Be jealous: Boston is now home to one of the world's largest hunks of cheese. The 400-pound Crucolo from northern Italy, which we told you last month is as tall as a typical 4-year-old child and is rather mild, lands at the Concord Cheese Shop this afternoon — the only place in the country to carry this, the Western Hemisphere's largest fromage. As befits such an occasion, there will be a parade involving cheese-wielding teens.

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Nominate Your Favorite Chefs For The James Beard Awards

We're tired of Los Angeles being ignored for the major (East Coast) food accolades. Really, really tired. For 2013, we're sponsoring a Rock the Beard vote drive, starting right now. Ari Taymor (Alma), Nyesha Arrington (Wilshire Restaurant) and Giselle Wellman (Petrossian Paris) all want to be nominated. No one wins without being nominated, so log into JBF's website and type in a few strokes. Do it for LA. We don't just need the best food critic, we want our chefs to be winners. [JBF]

Jonathan Gold is America's Best Food Critic

Chowhounders love Mr. Gold, Yelpers love Mr. Gold, Westside grannies love Mr. Gold. Anthony Bourdain called Mr Gold "god". And now, Daily Meal tells us chefs also love him, ranking him the best in the country. Of course, Los Angeles already knew this, but now it's an indisputable empirical fact. Mr. Wells of New York Times ranked only third. [DM]

Gyoro Gyoro Goes for Giant Expansion Plans

Sake in Encino

In a classic go move, RAMLA USA, subsidiary of Ramla Restaurant Group Japan, is surrounding its Japanese restaurant opponents by completely avoiding Los Angeles and the South Bay. Despite headquartering in Gardena, Ramla opened Oto Oto in Monrovia and West Covina, with Gyoro Gyoro as the second brand to come out of the group. The first Gyoro Gyoro, an izakaya with at least three branches in Tokyo, will open February 2013 in Encino. Where else is it opening?

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Vegan Sushi and Artisanally Candied Salmon

Don't get any ideas, Photoshoppers of the world.Photo: Bravo

According to Padma, there are fourteen “cheftestants” remaining. (My count was closer to 15,619, but what do I know?) Josh broods over his inconsistent performance thus far — is his cartoon-undertaker’s mustache sapping his power? Meanwhile, Tyler, ever doleful, steels himself for future disappointment. He vows to “continue to do the best I can.” I’ve seen a fair amount of reality TV and am pretty familiar with the standard “types” of characters — Tyler’s self-hating, hangdog persona feels unusually sincere and fragile. He’s my favorite cheftestant.

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Apparently Someone Found a Black Widow Spider in Her Bag of Organic Whole Foods Grapes

Someone get this spider a book deal.

This 27-year-old yoga instructor was about to start snacking on some organic grapes purchased from a Whole Foods in Fairfield, Connecticut, when she noticed a little Charlotte's Web action happening within. It turns out that a potentially deadly black widow spider had stowed away inside the bag, perhaps in Mexico, where the grapes were grown. Nora Weiss reacted by calmly posting a Facebook message that read: "Attention all Fairfield Whole Foods Customers!!!! I just found a black widow spider in my Sunview Organic Table Grapes bag!!!! If you just bought or will be buying these grapes or any other produce from them, carefully inspect and wash them with rubber gloves!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Totally freaked me out!" A day later, Weiss says no harm, no foul, and wishes the spider the safest of travels and the best of luck. "My boyfriend let it go outside,'' she tells the Connecticut Post. "That's how we live. It's a living animal and we have no hard feelings.'' [CT Post]

Hinoki and The Bird Holding Steadfast to Late December Opening

Hinoki & the Bird is still slated to open "late" December, despite the restaurant still actively hiring staff. In the meantime, opening chef Kuniko Yagi was recently booted off Top Chef Seattle, mostly due to playing to the submissive Asian stereotype, but is now actively seeking retweets for a second life on the show. The job open house for Hinoki & The Bird will held again today, December 6, 12:00 - 3:00 P.M. at Comme Ça


Two New Food Trucks Rolling in Los Angeles This Week

Does he look like a truck driver to you?Photo: Evan Funke via Instagram

Evan Funke, previously of Rustic Canyon, and soon to be of Bucato, will be driving a truck later this week, and the truck will be serving "authentic" porchetta. Not porchetta tacos, not porchetta poutine, not porchetta pita, simply porchetta. We're also hoping there will be at least three shapes of pasta (out of the 300 to be launched at Bucato) available along side the porchetta. As of Friday, Angelenos will be able to choose between the neutered Chego truck, or Funke's newly launched Bucato Truck, which shall roam between Venice and Downtown. How’s that for nebulous omnipresence? Better follow its twitter, then. [SI]

Next up, traveling Nutella pants!

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