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The Morrison Scottish Pub Opens For Dinner Tonight in Atwater Village

The MorrisonPhoto: The Morrison

Suddenly, Tam O'Shanter is facing competition from a strapping new upstart named The Morrison, officially opening for dinner this evening on Los Feliz Boulevard. As reported his summer, the Scottish gastropub comes from Charles Lew, the owner of Stout who was partly raised in The Highlands. And what's on The Morrison's menu?

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Langer's Teams Up With Fed-Ex To Ship Its Pastrami Overnight Across the Country

The deli even has its own packaging

Instead of arguing yourself blue in the face over the superiority of Langer's slow-steamed pastrami to Katz's own, you can now send your East Coast arch-nemesis a sandwich direct from the MacArthur Park delicatessen. Squid Ink reports that FedEx is now teamed up with Langer's to deliver vacuum-sealed pastrami and rye to just about any U.S. destination overnight via airmail, though it will cost you $22 per pound with a minimum two-pound order, with a $5.50* charge for per loaf of rye. And though you're on your own when it comes to toppings, an additional package with Philippe's hot mustard would make for a surefire sticking stuffer.

Langer's Pastrami Delivery: From L.A. to You [SI]

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Burning Popcorn Leads to ArcLight's Evacuation

The buttery scent of popcorn is basically the only comfort still left at the movie theater these days. But last night, The Arclight would know no ease, as a popcorn machine overheated and caught fire, leading to an evacuation of roughly 2,000 moviegoers and one very smoky upper level. Fortunately, one customer grabbed an extinguisher and vanquished the budding blaze, with no injuries reported, though several unfortunate souls may forever be in the dark as to the thrilling conclusion of Guilt Trip. [LAT]

A Look at Vartan Abgaryan's New Menu at Cliff's Edge

Hamachi crudo with Fresno chile, persimmon, Meyer lemon, and mustard seedPhoto: Cliff's Edge

As expected, Benjamin Bailly's cooking at Cliff's Edge was tight, shifting the Silver Lake restaurant from an atmospheric neighborhood haunt to a dining destination we'd drive across town for, just to eat his lavender pistachio beets and update on raie au beurre noir. For whatever reason (you can take your pick from Eater's comments about the young chef's temperament), Bailly was not long to be at the restaurant and was recently replaced by Vartan Abgaryan, the 30-year-old chef who got his start at Andre Soltner's legendary New York restaurant Lutece then toiled under Tim Goodell as the chef at Red Pearl Kitchen, then later left Newport's A Restaurant, to rejoin Goodell as executive chef at Hollywood's Public Kitchen and Bar. Abgaryan just finalized his first new menu for Cliff's Edge, a selection of winter-inspired recipes that we have below for your first look.

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Jon Shook and Shiri Appleby Expecting First Child

Congratulations to Animal and Son of a Gun chef-owner Jon Shook and his fiancee, actress Shiri Appleby, on the heels of reports that this recently engaged couple is expecting their first child. The couple is choosing to keep the baby's gender a surprise, but in a heaping tablespoon of sweetness, Appleby tells US Weekly of her man, "When you see this guy going to all the doctor's appointments with you and you tell him you're feeling a certain way and two minutes later he's looked it up on the Internet to tell you that it's normal...there's no way to look at that person and not be more in love." Awwww! [US Magazine]

Rock & Brews Expanding to Torrance And Beyond

Rock & Brews, the concert-themed beer pub owned by Manhattan Beach patron Michael Zislis, music promoter Dave Furano, and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, announces its coming expansion to Torrance. Construction will begin immediately following approvals on an over one-million dollar indoor/outdoor space on PCH, with an opening party expected in the spring of 2013 that will also serve as a fundraiser for the Torrance Education Foundation. In addition to future locations in Cabo and Maui, the principals are considering a revival of the South Bay's city's Fourth of July celebration, which was axed over budget issues last year. 1601 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.

Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Beautiful Berries and Shredded Jeans

Padma doesn't do pink.Photo: Bravo

On the last Top Chef before the Feast of St. Christmas, we find Josh moaning about his shattered reputation as a pork expert. He vows to never cook pork again. Pigs across the country breathe an oink of relief, then go back to rolling around in their own fecal matter.

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A Look Into Josef Centeno's Menu at Bar Amá

Josef Centeno's shrimp broth fideo with kielbasa and octopusPhoto: Hadley Tomicki

Only five days into service and Joseph Centeno's Bar Amá was packed last night, to the point where bodies were practically pushed back out of its Downtown doors. It would have been helpful to know some of these seat-less souls, as we were bee-lining it straight to the chef's wood grilled cabrito, only to find the young goat is the most expensive item at $56, clearly sufficient for more than just one kid-lover. No matter, as Bar Amá's menu is rich with Centeno's amped-up engineering on Mexican and Tex-Mex home-cooking, its very name a tip of the sombrero to the three generations of women who cooked for the acclaimed Tejas-bred chef.

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Watch These Adorable Old People Try to Get Through Their Lines in This Truck Stop Commercial

This older man and lady having lunch at Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine, are having a bit of a hard time saying their chicken potpie is "baked in a buttery, flaky crust" during the filming of a commercial for the place. They keep trying anyhow, though, which really just makes them the best.

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John Sedlar Launches Mexi-China Menu at Playa

Cielo verde spring rollsPhoto: Playa

You can find the harmonic hybrid of Chinese and Mexican cuisines at conscious constructions like Jose Andres' taqueria, China Poblano, in Las Vegas, and if you look hard enough, scattered among anomalies that randomly dot the Southwestern landscape. Now, one of L.A.'s own heroes is taking on this brand of fusion here at home. Playa chef John Sedlar was inspired by a recent exploration of Mexicali, Baja's capital city that is rich with Chinese culture due to a massive immigration of laborers in the early 20th century, on his newest auxiliary menu, melding Playa's poetic take on Mexican food with Cantonese cooking in a new "Mexi-China" menu.

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Sloshed: The Pro-Am Guide to New Year’s Eve Drinking

Don't be this guy.Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

New Year's Eve is our one mandatory holiday — you must celebrate. Try telling people you're staying in on December 31 and you will see them go through stages of confusion, disbelief, moral outrage, and activism that will end with them making plans for you. But while the idea of everyone being out is fun in theory, it's sloppy in practice. Seasoned party veterans mingle with nightlife n00bs, and nobody can get a drink because every bartender in America is in the weeds. This has to stop.

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Watch the Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slice Melons, Spare Kittens

The best fruit-slicing video game you've maybe played on your phone comes to life in stunning detail in the short made by Scott Winn, who makes a lot of wonderful things. This ninja bisects pineapples, watermelons, and lemons (sort of) with the greatest of ease. He would never hurt a flying kitten, and, at the 1:02 mark, he pummels a Twinkie. This really ought to be a feature film.

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