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Sushi Zo Coming Downtown; John Sedlar Seeking Patrons for Museum Tamal

John Sedlar, of Downtown's Museum Tamal

Boyle Heights: 60-year-old La Mascota Bakery is the winner of a local poll pointing to the best local tamale. [BHB]
Downtown: Rivera chef John Sedlar is seeking tax-deductible donations for his Museum Tamal, a museum honoring Latin food and L.A. food history. The generous can donate on a range of tiers including "Bell Peppers" at the bottom up to "Habaneros" up top. [Museum Tamal]
--Palms' Sushi Zo is taking space at the corners of 4th and Main in 2013, in the same complex where a crunchy new concept in greens called Simply Salad opened last week. [BY]
Hollywood: Magic Castle has a new craft cocktail program under oshua Lucas and Jordan Gold. [Digest]
Koreatown: Matt Kang offers a guide to 26 of the neighborhood's "best" restaurants. [Eater]

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Beachwood Using Barbecue Wood To Smoke Its Newest Brew

Beachwood Six

Just a month after releasing its first bottled beer, a Slavic-strengthed Russian Imperial Stout called Tovarish, Seal Beach and Long Beach-based Beachwood BBQ and Brewing is now offering its second ale to the retail market. Called "Beachwood Six" for the brew-pub's sixth anniversary, the new release is a smoked black saison offered in corked, wire-caged 750ml bottles at Southern California booze merchants and available on tap at both locations. Brewer and co-owner Julian Shargo and his crew are smoking the dark malts for Beachwood Six at the LBC location, using the same wood that's used for the restaurants' meats, coming in at 6.9 ABV and priced at $14 per pig-stamped bottle.

L.A. Struggles to Survive Dungeness Crab Shortage

Dungeness CrabPhoto: GoodiesFirst/Flickr

Russ Parsons sounds the alarm that L.A. is in the throes of a Dungeness crab shortage this week, due to bad weather that tethered fishing boats to the docks and an unexpectedly light supply. As The L.A. Times reports, our state's Department of Fish and Game delayed the start of the season in Northern California from the start of December to January 15, due to the abundance of underweight male crabs that fail to reach the requirements for sustainability. This raises the demand for San Francisco Bay and Central California's own catches, which are typically more threadbare than those of their neighbors to the chillier north. In the paper's fruitless search for the crustacean's sweet flesh at five stores, only a pre-cooked, frozen sample could be found, putting a further dent in our plans for foie gras and Dungeness terrine come New Year's.

Feeling crabby: No Dungeness for the holiday [LAT]

Blaze Subdued at Dolores Restaurant

Mere months after changing its name and adding Persian cuisine to its menu, and two days following a fire at a Valley location of Du-Par's, the former home of Dolores Restaurant and Bakery was struck by flames on Christmas Eve, with only street closures reported and fortunately no injuries. An import from Oklahoma, the diner is one of West L.A.'s ancient old-timers, with the clientele to match, its short blaze extinguished in just 22 minutes with the help of 39 firefighters. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but the restaurant remains closed. [CBS]

El Encanto Reopening in Santa Barbara With Former Daniel Chef de Cuisine

Patrice MartineauPhoto: El Encanto

Orient-Express plans to reopen Santa Barbara’s historic El Encanto hotel in March after beaucoup millions of total redo and restoration. Located on seven hilltop acres in the Riviera neighborhood, the hotel's restoration and relaunch hopes to capture all the romance that made it a favorite getaway of Hollywood’s smart set in the ancient days, while tapping Patrice Martineau as executive chef.

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TOMS Shoes Opens Coffee-Fueled Hangout in Venice

TOMS new flagshipPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

Blake Mycoskie's super-concious shoe-manufacturer, TOMS, is now applying its "What the World Needs Now" aesthetic to an eponymous new flagship store and coffee shop on Abbot Kinney. The space functions as both a hangout for the seaside's legion of java jonesers and a retail hub for its foot-and-eye wear. Overall, the new venture functions like a cozy den for locals to relax in and get their mud buzz on.

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Beard Papa Overtaking Palms' Guelaguetza Space

Future home of Beard Papa in Palms

Much to the heart-break of Palms, the Westside arm of Guelaguetza went packing over two years ago, only to have owners tease the region with the prospect of Mitla, the most exciting Oaxacan menu west of Crenshaw, until alas, those plans were also dashed. Now after two years of waiting, hoping, and daring to dream for a sufficient booby prize of some sort, we learn that Beard Papa, the Japanese cream puff specialist, is taking over the stand-alone space. The chain currently has existing locations on Sawtelle and Hollywood Boulevard, and has plans to make interior and exterior upgrades to its newest outpost. Sure, it's not exactly as adventurous as turkey barbacoa and grasshopper tostadas, but still, green tea Paris-Brest and grapefruit jelly surely beat another pink 7-11 donut any day of the week.

Beard Papa, 11127 Palms Blvd. Palms.

2012: The Year in Made-up Food Words

White Alba truffles: Cloudy, with a definite chance of flurries.Photo: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/Getty

Last week, the Food Section took the appropriate steps to make sure no one forgets about butt-chugging and pink slime in 2013 with its roundup of this year's stand-out neologisms and other food terms, which got us thinking: It's been an exceptional year for food words. The Times gave broader circulation (and immortality) to the words "Donkey Sauce" and "bleu-sabi" when it published its now-famous negative-star review of Guy's American Kitchen last month, so much that Pete Wells might as well have chiseled the Guy Fieri's menu onto a solid gold record and launched it, with a message from the U.N.'s secretary-general, into deep space, à la Voyager 1. While butt-chugging and Donkey Sauce were getting all the play, no one noticed that sriracha made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Henry's Tacos Given Two- More Weeks

Owner Janis Hood is hopeful Henry's can still be saved

With help from a Hobbit, a make-believe crystal meth dealer, George Lopez, and more than 5,000 devoted taco preservationists, 51-year-old Henry's Tacos is getting a stay of execution in Studio City. Further bolstering L.A.'s faith in Christmas miracles, owner Janis Hood says she is hopeful for a deal between the Grinch her landlord and a prospective buyer of the historic taco stand that would ensure Henry's survival. Hood's problems began nearly a year ago, after she sought landmark status for the restaurant, pushing landlord Mehran Ebrahimpour to raise her rent by 50% and refusing to renew her lease. Whether two more weeks will make a difference in the fight for Henry's life remains to be seen, though Hood, who will now be able to run the stand her father founded until January 10, tells The L.A. Times, "I’m very hopeful that a deal can be reached."

Henry's Tacos gets two-week reprieve [LAT]

Damage Control: What You Should Be Binge-Eating When You’re Drunk at Three in the Morning

Smile, you're preventing a hangover.Photo: Corbis

Everyone's been there: It's 3 a.m. and you're stumbling around smelling like booze and bad choices. Well done. But now you're starving and your decision-making skills are in rough shape (especially if it's New Year's Eve). The idea that a greasebomb meal will completely prevent tomorrow's inevitable hangover is, sadly, a myth. But we talked to a bunch of professional nutritionists to see what someone can actually eat if they don't want to cause too much more damage and hope to soften the blow the next morning. And don't worry: The advice isn't all wheatgrass and beet juice. Even the pros know that late-night binge-eating should be satisfying.

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