Japanese Katsu Specialist Due For Culver City in January

Culver Crossroads

A new development named "Culver Crossroads" is set to open next month at the corner of Sepulveda and Washington Boulevards. A website brands the retail spread as "Culver City's hip fast casual center," though it's mostly stocked with familiar faces like Chipotle, Starbucks, Pei Wei Asian Market, and Jersey Mike's. However, building on 2012's ongoing trend, which has seen the welcome arrival of dish-specific Japanese imports like Tsujita, Soba Sojibo, and Hannosuke, the exciting news here is the coming of Kimukatsu, the self-described "most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan."


Culver CrossroadsJoshua Lurie

Kimukatsu credits their rise across Nippon to a crispy pork cutlet cut that is stacked in 25 individual layers before it is fried, slow and low, with a shaggy coat of fresh bread crumbs, for eight minutes, then steamed for an additional two. Cutlets are offered individually or as sets, with side options including pickled wasbai octopus, fermented and cured fish innards, and fried chicken. We can't guarantee that full roster is coming to Cali, but check out the full menu online to get a taste of what Kimukatsu has in store.