L.A. Weekly Recommends "100 Favorite Dishes"

In the beginning...there was Lukshon's Dan Dan noodles Photo: Hadley Tomicki

L.A. Weekly hits the finish line today on its inspired list of "100 Favorite Dishes" in L.A., a long look at some of the city's strongest recipes. Beginning with Lukshon's tongue-stunning dan dan mian and ending on Spago's veal mignon tartare, the epic tone takes on the expected (Langer's pastrami, Dodger Dogs, Apple Pan's Hickoryburger), the revelations (L's pickled watermelon salad, cauliflower t-bone at Superba), and the dearly departed (squash blossom quesadillas at Antojitos Carmen). A grand review of classics and greats-in-the-making, it's time to start your engines, as the attached Google Map edition stretches from Sun Valley to Artesia. [LAW]