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Made by Meg's Meg Hall Opening Six-Seat Cafe in Redondo Beach

Made by MegPhoto: Made by Meg

Last month, we glimpsed Meg Hall of Made by Meg Catering as she slipped into a guest-chef dinner at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach. Today, Eater spies the private chef opening her own tiny cafe in Redondo Beach. With only six seats, Hall will stock the small space with pre-made and fresh fare, including sandwiches and trippy dishes like tandoori chicken over fire-roasted curry cauliflower and grilled flap steak with tamari chile glaze and Tahitian vanilla bean sweet potatoes. The chef will also have Compartes Chocolate truffles, bottled drinks, cookies, and macarons on hand for the beach-town crowd. Expect a debut in March. [Eater]

Made by Meg, 220 S. PCH. Suite 104. Redondo Beach; 310-999-8770.

The Yard Closes in Santa Monica

The Yard, the ale-powered hangout that reached its culinary apex under Top Chef-vet C.J. Jacobson (who left one year ago), is now shuttered in Santa Monica. The seaside restaurant space, formerly focused on draft beer, looks to be under the new hands of Craftsman Bar & Kitchen, a forthcoming concept with its mind on the vine. [TRA]

The Bocuse d’Or Will Be Live-Streamed From Lyon

There are twelve more days until Richard Rosendale, the executive chef from West Virginia's Greenbrier resort, will channel the full range of his culinary faculties at the prestigious culinary competition. He and commis Corey Siegel have trained for a year and will try for the top slot, a feat that has not yet been accomplished by the American team. If you're able to get up at 3 a.m., you'll be able to julienne along at home by tuning into team USA's official website, where they'll live-stream the whole contest. #NoSleepTillLyon [Bocuse d'Or USA, Earlier]

Chris Cosentino Cooking Pig Parts at Pigg!

CosentinoPhoto: Gary Soup/Flcikr

Chris Cosentino is cooking a one-night dinner at Umamicatessen, home to his L.A. restaurant Pigg!, on Wednesday, January 30 at 7:30 P.M. For anyone familiar with the Top Chef Masters winner's work, it will likely comes as no surprise that the chef's $55 seven-course menu is pork-centric to the max, with brand-new Cosentino dishes like pig's blood soup with nduja-stuffed dates, pasta chittara with salt cured pork liver, and pig's head ribollita with salsa verde. Each dish will only be served at the dinner, with limited seating available by emailing Umami. Check out the full menu below. 852 S. Broadway. Downtown.

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Crabs Have Feelings, Too, Scientists Report

"Ouch! Quit it!"

A team of researchers from Queen's University in Belfast devised an experiment to determine whether the shore crabs they were shocking with electrical currents were just twitchy or if they were perhaps reacting to pain. All signs point to the latter, says lead author Robert Elwood. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise, since it's already established that fish and lobsters are more sensitive than previously thought; moreover, a crackerjack team of scientists and philosophers announced last year that all kinds of animals, including cephalopods, are conscious, and that more research into non-human consciousness needs to be carried out. So, hell yeah, crabs feel pain. Perhaps they're even capable of feeling your pain. [MSNBC]

What To Eat and Drink at Spazio Caffe, Now Open in Santa Monica

Spazio CaffePhoto: Spazio

Spazio Caffe opens today on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Coming from the owners of Caffe Bellos, Spazio is an Italian espresso temple descended from the country's chain of the same name, serving only San Vendemiano's Manuel espresso beans, along with an extensive list of 35 teas, eighteen hot chocolates, fresh-baked pastries, sandwiches, salads, and gelato.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Restaurant Wars and Understanding Coconut Flavors

Time for Restaurant WarsPhoto: David Moir/Bravo

Mark my words: This week’s installment of Restaurant Wars will be remembered as one of the most controversial battles in Top Chef history. Not since Napoleon lost the tussle at Waterloo have we been so whiplashed, gobsmacked, and just plain ol’ cornhusked by a military outcome. Read on for the gory details ... if you dare!

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Now a Twelve Year-Old is Going to Cook You Dinner

"It could use a little more applesauce!"

Just a reminder here: Kitchens are still dangerous places full of sharp knives, intense heat, and temperamental egos. With that in mind, are we the only ones who find this new trend of little kid chefs kind of disturbing? Following news that fourteen year-old Flynn McGarry is cooking at BierBeisl, today Eater reports that twelve-year old chef Jack Witherspoon will be cooking a $45 menu at Chez Melange in February. It's really cool that this little guy has so much ambition and a truly admirable goal of raising funds for cancer research. But really, how far are we going to push this whole thing? We admit, food media is always fairly age-obsessed, what with all those "30 under 30" and "40 over 40" lists. But the way this trend is headed, will we even be surprised the day someone just sticks a wooden spoon in an infant's hand, serves up a few jars of Gerber's, and calls the whole thing a pop-up? Please Bravo, just turn this kiddie chef sensation into a reality show already where it belongs.

Stefans at Lantana; 12-Year-Old Cooks at Chez Melange [Eater]

Free Betty White Cupcakes at Georgetown Today

Betty White: A study in red velvetPhoto: Georgetown Cupcakes

To honor the 91st birthday of comedienne Betty White today, Georgetown Cupcakes in Beverly Hills is offering one free cupcake to all comers at its new Beverly Hills store. And what's in a Betty White cupcake? Stale cake with a snowy white coconut top? Not exactly. It's just red velvet, but it does come adorned with an adorable image of Betty White, who unfortunately won't be around to make any randy "eat me" jokes. Free from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. 143 South Robertson Blvd..

Watch the ‘Honest’ Version of Coca Cola’s Anti-Obesity Commercial

If Coca-Cola's big new marketing push to reinvent itself as a company that takes the health of consumers very seriously has left you fatigued, or perhaps the soda company's flashy new anti-obesity ad left you feeling a little sad and bewildered, here's the "honest" version of that flashy commercial. Someone's cheekily taken the original's and hijacked the audio. "If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle," the new narrator intones, "you should not be drinking any of our products." Of note is that the purported uploader here is John "Doc" Pemberton, otherwise known as the man who invented Coke. Check it out now, before the corporate lawyers check their in-boxes and snap into action.

"You'll get fatter, and fatter." »

Tsujita Artisan Noodle Expanding Across the Street To Miyata Menji Space

Tsujita's tsukemenPhoto: Tsujita Artisan Noodle

Here's some great news for lovers of Tsujita's massively popular, labor-intensive tsukemen ramen. Today an employee confirms recent scuttlebutt that the Japanese import is planning to open a new, more ramen-focused location across the street, taking the shell of Miyata Menji to create an annex that will stem the overflow of customers lining up in Sawtelle for a dip into the brand's heady pork broth. The new location has no opening date currently set in stone, but the plan's a go, despite Miyata Menji's "grand-opening" sign still in place. Stay tuned!

Tsujita Annex, coming to 2500 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A..

Earlier: Miyata Menji, The "In-N-Out of Ramen," Opens on Sawtelle Tomorrow [GS]

Firestone Walker Opens Barrelworks, A Cathedral of Barrel-Aged Beers

Barrelworks in BuelltonPhoto: Firestone

Leave the wine-tasting to these major-league buzz-kills. Today's drinkers are having more fun sampling Santa Barbara's suds. And now, Buellton-based Firestone Walker Brewing Company is debuting a new tasting room dedicated to its barrel-aged beer and strong ales program. Called Barrelworks, the 7,000-square-foot cellar grew from the brewery's original experiments with barrel-aging its brews to encompass over 1,000 barrels of live beer undergoing secondary fermentation in various shades of oak from wineries like Opus One and Chamisal, and 400 barrels of strong high-gravity ales getting stronger in brandy, bourbon, and tequila barrels.

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Energy Drinks Cause Even More Trips to the ER

Just don't.

Back in October, Grub presented you with a sinister history of energy-drink-related deaths and illnesses. Only one month later, 5-Hour Energy was cited in reports of thirteen deaths. It's unfortunate that we're not surprised to now learn that ER visits tied to energy drinks have doubled since 2007. Most of the cases involve teens and young adults, who are often mixing energy drinks with alcohol, and sometimes stimulant drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin. The toxic combinations can cause insomnia, seizures, dehydration, kidney failure, heart attacks ― the list goes on and on. It's a problem that's far deadlier and more concentrated than your usual bout of binge-drinking or dangerous-eating, and legislative change is needed.

The FDA is waiting until spring. »

Yelp Is Adding Health Department Grades to Restaurant Listings

The social-networking site Yelp will begin implementing its LIVES standard in New York and San Francisco over the next couple of weeks, which will give the company the ability to import and integrate restaurant-inspection results directly into its listings, Bloomberg reports. Users will soon be able to look up a restaurant's information and click through to linked reports for more details about its most recent food-safety violations, the hygiene of its workers, and so on. The new standard, which relies on a new data entry standard, is particularly notable because San Francisco restaurants are not currently required to display inspection results, and in New York, restaurant grades must be posted on site, but there's no way to hyperlink to an establishment's inspection reports. According to the Verge, Yelp will add inspection data to its Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia listings in the upcoming months. [Bloomberg, Verge]

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