Fat Sal's Deli Expanding to Hollywood

Fat Sal's, doing for Italian delis what that sleepy señor does for Mexican restaurants

After decades of passing Mexican cafes adorned with sleepy little señors catching ceaseless siesta at the foot of catci (ouch), it's sort of refreshing to find a group of New Yorkers satirizing their own stereotypes on L.A.'s streets while taking a deliberately un-California approach to eating. Fat Sal's Deli, which sells massive hero sandwiches in Westwood named after its fat friends (there's even a "Fat Jerry" for co-owner Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara) and maintains the guido-riffic tagline "We're makin' sandwiches ova heyuh!" under a mascot signing "Shaka!" with a pinkie ring, is officially going Hollywood, expanding to its second L.A. location in the coming months.

The business recently set up shop in San Diego and is now eying location three on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, planning to sell gullet-busting East Coast fare like Philly cheesesteaks, fries in "fat sauce," quarter-pound burgers, hot dogs, and pizza rolls to the crowd north of Fountain. And no, they don't have kale.

An owner says the debut is still a couple of months away, giving neighboring Hoagie Steak-Out a short window to prepare its best offense. In the meantime, check out Fat Sal's menu right heah.

Fat Sal's Deli, coming to 1300 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood.