Patina Searching For New Pastry Chef

Ajdari's berries, creme fraiche, basil, and elderflower dessert at Patina

Kasra Ajdari, the pastry chef who jumped aboard Raphael when his Saddle Peak Lodge peer, Adam Horton, joined the Studio City restaurant as executive chef in 2011, parted ways with Patina in mid-January to spend the days over Oaxcan street food. As a reader indicates about the skim sorbet and strudel offered as part of the Downtown restaurant's $150 Valentine's Day menu last night, the departure leaves a hole in the fine-diner's dessert department, with Patina currently seeking a "pastry sous" on Craigslist. The restaurant's PR confirms that a replacement for Ajdari, prized for his visually pleasing plates, is yet to be made.