Watch Copenhagen Pastry Get The Jiro Treatment

Copenhagen Pastry

We're living in the age of mock-epic documentaries, in which no subject's importance can't be inflated with slo-mo shots of everyday activities backed by stark voice-overs and a haunting soundtrack. Famously adhered to Jiro Ono's Ginza sushi restaurant in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we're stoked to see the style applied to one of our favorite new bakeries, Karen Hansen's Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City. With one of the city's best rye breads and an enchanting hodgepodge of Danish delights, one of the great joys of this small bakery is peeking through a window onto the production floor, where flødeboller are drizzled in dark chocolate and light, flaky kringle are dusted before your eyes. In Hannah Kauffman-Skloff and Lindsey Martin's short new documentary, we go further behind the scenes of Hansen and baker Henrik Gram's "happy place." Take a look.

Copenhagen Pastry from Eureka Drive Productions on Vimeo.