Water Grill To Replace Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica

Water Grill's projected new home

In thrilling news for the Westside and the city's shoreline dining scene: Water Grill, King's Seafood's 24-year-old restaurant in Downtown, plans to bring a second location to Santa Monica in the months to come. Ocean Avenue Seafood, which has offered its own raw bar and seafood selection to Santa Monica Blvd. and Ocean since 1986, is going to be closing next Sunday, March 17, according to the restaurant's reps, with Water Grill replacing it with the new look and menu the restaurant embraced last year. (Typical Westsider move here; leaving a 28-year-old long-time companion for a sporty 24-year-old.) The Downtown location will continue to operate as is, with the addition of this sister restaurant to the seaside.

Water Grill, coming to 1401 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica.