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La Monarca Strives To Save The Butteflies

From April 22-28, La Monarca Bakery will give back to help save its namesake. All four locations of the prime panaderia will raise funds through its "Cakes For a Cause" campaign to benefit the ECOLIFE Foundation and its efforts to protect monarch butterfly populations in Michoacán, Mexico. According to the restaurant, this year saw the biggest dip in Mexico's butterfly populations since 1976, a colony depletion that Ecolife executive director Bill Toone calls tragic, claiming, "Never have there been so few butterflies in Mexico." Starting on Earth Day, the bakery will donate 10% from the sale of all of its cakes to the organization. La Monarca will also be giving kids and families free pages to color featuring butterflies in their habitats.

Murray’s Cheese Shop Heading to L.A.

Murray'sPhoto: Murray's Cheese Shop

Murray's Cheese Shop, Greenwich Village's 73-year-old temple of coagulated dairy, is expanding to Los Angeles. Eater spied the news this morning over Twitter, and now a Murray's representative confirms the westward expansion to Grub Street. Murray's plans to open five shops within L.A.-area locations of Ralph's supermarket, serving both cheese and other specialty items from its Bleecker Street flagship, as well as a large selection of California cheeses. The mongers manning each location will all be Murray's trained and outfitted, with tasting events planned through this summer and fall to familiarize Angelenos with the time-tested brand.

Murray's Cheese Reveals Expansion to Los Angeles [Eater]

Here’s How Louis C.K. Makes Chicken

Needs his own cooking show.

During his Reddit chat, a fan asked what he likes to cook for his daughters. Louis wrote back: "I try to rotate the menu so they don't get sick of stuff. I used to make rice and beans a lot and that's getting old now. I love making sauteed brussel [sic] sprouts but only one of my kids likes it. I love baking chickens. We do that a lot. lots of lemon garlic and olive oil, salt, paprika, pepper. Just tons of all that and cook that fucker at 450 for an hour then turn it down." Now you know. Let's hope his upcoming HBO special (airing this Saturday) has some good food-related comedy bits. [Reddit]

Sushi Zo Due Downtown in June

Keizo Seki at Sushi ZoPhoto: KevinEats

Keizo Seki's Sushi Zo, renowned for his warm rice sushi, self-made soy sauce, lengthy list of etiquette rules, and well-sourced omakase of nigiri and maki in a Palms strip mall, is branching out into a new Downtown location. L.A. Downtown News spots Sushi Zo coming to the Medallion mixed use building at Fourth and Main Streets, in a 1,700-square-foot space. The upscale sushi spot will eventually be accompanied by new retail and restaurant neighbors, with ten more eateries being courted for the soon-to-be-renovated development.

Sushi Zo, 334 S Main St. Downtown.

High End Sushi Restaurant Coming to Downtown in June [LADTN]

Hollywood Pies Opens Pico Blvd. Brick-and-Mortar

Hollywood PiesPhoto: Zach Brooks/Midtown Lunch

Hollywood Pies is a fitting representative of our new era of eating out. The authentic Chicago deep-dish deliverer launched its concept by bringing pies to your door, while also selling them in shady Cheviot Hills-adjacent parking lots under a system of runners that could have been torn straight from the crack days. For an audience familiar with chasing down Kogi, jockeying for a swipe at LudoBites and Wolvesmouth, or squeezing into Starry Kitchen's apartment for a meal, the Windy City-style pizza turned into an underground sensation before being found more conveniently in a food truck. Today, Midtown Lunch announces the backward journey is now concluding with the soft-opening of a Hollywood Pies storefront.

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USC Athletics Forms Unlikely Partnership With Fatburger

In the latest pairing of odd bedfellows, USC Athletics is teaming up with the proudly chubby Fatburger chain. A three-year contract will find Fatburger signage, ads, radio spots, and a burger-slinging Fatmobile attached to USC sporting events. So does a brand that brags about being "Fat" really belong in a partnership with the school's championship sports teams? No less after all this week's bad news about the dangers of eating beef for the human heart. Eh, it just might to all the involved parties. After all, Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn and his sons are apparently upstanding Trojans themselves, and the overseer of the university's sales, marketing, and media sports division happens to be Fox, which probably still supports ketchup being labeled as a vegetable. [Restaurant News]

Dietician Dismissed From Policy Group Pointed Out Other Members’ GMO Food Ties

Objective voices or children of the GMO corn?Photo: iStockphoto

There's infighting at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: A few months ago, California-based dietician Carole Bartolotto noticed that two of her peers on a GMO-food-related working group had connections to the multinational biotech company Monsanto. As the Times reports, Bartolotto wrote an e-mail to a manager at the organization asking about its official conflict of interest policy; after all, the group is known for its credible positions on topics relating to food and diet. The manager responded that potential conflicts of interest — a $5,000 "Farm Mom" prize from Monsanto, in this case, and employment at a nonprofit funded in part by corporations like DuPont and Cargill — didn't automatically disqualify them from serving as work group members who in turn develop official positions on genetically modified foods. That's when things turned sour for Bartolotto.

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Tinga Tacos Joins Downtown Santa Monica's Vastly Improving Mexican Restaurant Scene

Tinga, now open in Santa MonicaPhoto: Elizabeth Daniels/Eater

In April of 2012, Mercado launched in Downtown Santa Monica, bringing the regionally spread-out Mexican cuisine of Yxta Cocina chef Jose Acevedo to the blocks behind the Third Street Promenade, on the same street where Border Grill moved 22 years before it. In the year that followed, the area between Ocean Avenue and 26th Street has seen an uptick in new, and for the most part improved, Mexican restaurants.

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Yet Another Costa Mesa Seventh Grader Arrested For Smuggling Pot-Laced Brownies Into School

Come on and take a taste...

Almost a month to the day after a 12-year-old boy was arrested in Costa Mesa for bringing a marijuana-laced brownie to his middle school school and getting his unsuspecting classmates really, really high sick, practically the exact same incident occurred yesterday at another Costa Mesa middle school to a completely different batch of students. Five kids at TeWinkle Middle School reported to the nurses' office complaining of stomach aches shortly before 1:00 P.M. yesterday, with three of them taken to a Newport hospital. The source of their sickness? An herb-inundated brownie whose contents may have been a mystery to all but the 12-year-old junior genius who smuggled it in. That class clown has been arrested, too, and booked for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to the school principal, this will totally go on his permanent record.

Three Students Hospitalized After Eating Pot-Laced Brownie [Patch]
Boy, 12, Arrested for Allegedly Bringing Pot Brownies to School [Patch]

South L.A.'s Fast Food Moratorium To Be Debated Tonight By City Planning Commission

Fast Food

The L.A. Planning Commission will open the Civic Center to a public hearing tonight on whether a ban on fast food restaurants in the 10th Council District, representing West Adams, Baldwin Hills, and Leimert Park, should be overturned. The moratorium on new stand-alone fast food businesses in South L.A. became permanent in 2010, banning them from opening within a half-mile radius of another such business, following ongoing debate over the region's disproportionate surplus of fast food restaurants and their relation to the population's nearly 30% obesity rate. In recent years, arguments have begun labeling the dangers of so-called "food deserts" as being just a myth. Which is not to say opponents of the measure don't have some powerful allies in big business.

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