Chez Melange Serving Seven Courses of Goat, Monday April 8

"That goat is weird! He has devil eyes!"

We can hardly resist an evening entirely dedicated to goat, the lean meat whose flavor lands softly, split seconds before it blasts your soft palate with a distinct barnyard funk of wet wool and sweet game. This Monday, April 8, Damian Ross, the chef at Redondo Beach's Chez Melange, will prepare a seven-course nose-to-tail menu using two Boer goats being delivered to the restaurant this Friday. Called "Ode to the Goat," the $55 per person dinner begins with a Thai goat curry tartare with rice toast, includes goat sirloin kababs, Korean goat galbi, and sausage, with a goat cheese cake with huckleberries for dessert. Goat lovers can get reservations to Monday's dinner, where there will be seatings every half hour starting at 5:30 P.M., at 310-540-1222. See the full menu below.

Ode to the Goat - Nose to Tail Dinner -
Monday, April 8th 2013
$55 per person + tax and service


-Thai Goat Curry Tartare, Rice Toast

-Lentil Pancake, Purslane, Goat Yogurt Vinaigrette

-Goat Sirloin Kabobs Saffron Bulgur, Fava Beans

-Sausage, Ramp Gnudi, Morels, Asparagus, Salsify

-Korean ‘Short Ribs” Cucumber -Radish Kimchi

-Mole Negro
Plantain Empanada

-Goat Cheesecake, Cajeta, Huckleberries