Feed Body and Soul Hatches New Dinner Menu

Housemade hot sauce is now on every table to lend a punch

Heeding diners' demands for more than a menu centered on sandwiches over dinner, Abbot Kinney's new produce-commanded Feed Body & Soul is vastly expanding its evening offerings with a new selection of entrees. The healthy-leaning restaurant, which adheres to recipes shunning excess salt, sugar, and oil, is instituting a few other changes since opening back in January to spice things up. Quite literally.

Matthew Dickson is now making the house-made hot sauces you see above to accompany every table. The chef prepares both his own red sauce and tomatillo, along with a diminutive dish of salt and pepper for those who—like us on our first visit—might have found too many of the dishes in need of a little more punch.

The new menu, meanwhile, offers guests more traditional dinner options by building on Dickson's daily changing rotisserie specials (which recently included a serving of bison) in entrees like chili and hemp seed-crusted albacore, vegetable and grain bowls, and healthy spreads of salads and small plates. You can see Feed Body & Soul's full new dinner menu below.


Farmers Market Pickled Vegetables GF 7

In-House Fermented Red Beet, Cabbage and Cauliflower GF 7

A Selection of Three Farmers Market Pickled Vegetables GF 7

Farmers Market Spreads GF 7

A Selection of Three Farmers Market Spreads GF 10
All of our spreads are served with our whole wheat
and sea salt crackers (GF upon request)

Citrus Marinated Manzanilla Olives and Unpasteurized Almonds GF 7

Marinated ‘Dried’ Bean Salad 6

Shaved celery, shallot, endive, pickled peppers GF

Grated Moroccan Carrot and Leek Salad 6
Strained yogurt, sumac and black cumin dressing GF

Lemon and Fennel Cured Scottish Salmon 8

Shaved sunchoke, celery root, meyer lemon
and an avocado cracker GF


Roasted Garlic and White Bean Soup
with Blackened Kale GF 5 cup | 9 bowl

California Citrus, Radish and Chicory Salad 12
Oro blanco, blood orange, satsuma, meyer lemon, pistachio GF

Rotisserie Portabella and Butternut Squash Salad 14
Arugula, pepita, raw cashew dressing GF

Springtime Chopper with Kumquat Dressing 14
Asparagus, sugar snap pea, baby carrot, fennel, spring onion, avocado, mixed greens GF

Kale and Wheat Berry Salad 12
Sunchoke, artichoke, turnip, yellow beet, pinenut, balsamic reduction

Roasted Cauliflower and Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad 14
Baby mustard green, roasted chili dressing GF

Humble Greens 10
Maggie Farms lettuces, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil GF
Add any protein on top to make it a meal


Rotisserie Half ‘Mary’s’ Chicken
with Warm Lemon and Green Olive Jus’ 26
Artichoke, baby carrot and leek ‘bargole’ GF

Rotisserie Natural Pork Loin with Mustard Sauce 22
Stewed turnip, cipollini onion, apple, black kale GF

Rotisserie Salmon with Red Wine Braised Cabbage 26
Fava bean, kohlrabi, baby carrot, yellow beet and spring onion succotash GF

Chili and Hemp Crusted Albacore 26
Buckwheat soba noodle, pea tendril, shimeji mushroom, dashi broth

Rotisserie Chicken with Basil Tofu Sauce 20
Quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, cannellini bean, rocket, fresh herb GF
Baby carrot, kohlrabi, Nappa cabbage, baby turnip GF

Rotisserie Salmon with Roasted Pepper Tofu Sauce 22
Green freekah, spelt, garbanzo bean, spinach, chia seed, Artichoke, spring leek, brocolini, English peas

Farmers Market Grain and Vegetable Bowls 12
Choose a grain mix, vegetable and a sauce
from the options below:

Grain Mixes
• Green freekah, spelt, garbanzo bean,
spinach, chia seed

• Quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, cannellini bean,
rocket, fresh herb GF

Vegetable Mixes
• Baby carrot, kohlrabi, Nappa cabbage, baby turnip GF
• Artichoke, spring leek, brocolini, English pea GF

• Basil tofu GF
• Roasted pepper tofu GF
• Warm lemon and green olive jus’ GF
• Mustard sauce GF
• Chicken jus’ GF

Add a Protein to Any Bowl
• Seared tofu GF 5
• Natural pork loin GF 8
• Maple brined natural turkey GF 7
• Bison tri tip GF 10
• Mary’s chicken GF 8
• Sustainable Scottish salmon GF 10
• Chili and hemp crusted albacore GF 11